Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Blowin’ the Dam

Blowin’ the Dam or Blowing the Dam is the 22th chapter in Duke Nukem Forever and the walkthrough below explains how to complete it.

Blowin’ the Dam is divided in three parts, and one of them (the second part) features a boss fight.

For each part of this chapter, Duke Nukem Forever players will find useful information in the game guide below.

The Duke Nukem Forever: Blowin’ the Dam text guide is part of the full Duke Nukem Forever walkthrough we created with the purpose of helping players to beat this first-person shooter.

With the help of this guide, players can learn how to defeat the Energy Leech boss and how to escape the dam tunnels without dying.

To blow up the dam you need to place two explosives on two gates. When the mission starts, you have to move forward through an underwater tunnel.

Don’t forget to look for vents which allow you to breath.

The fastest way to reach the gates you need to blow out, is to follow the big yellow pipe.

As long as you follow this pipe you can’t get lost and you can’t drown.

Keep in mind that you must switch several valves to open additional vents.

You will also be attacked by Octabrains, therefore try to save ammo and to avoid the objects they throw at you.

The first gate you need to destroy is to the right side, of the yellow pipe.

Get near it and place the first bomb, then continue and follow the pipe.

Eventually you will reach the second gate that must be destroyed.

Before approaching it take a look around because this is where you will fight against another boss, the Energy Leech.

Approach the gate and the Energy Leech will appear.

This boss is tougher than the others, especially because you are underwater and your speed is reduced.

There are two ammo crates: one to the left and one to the right.

The best weapon against this boss is the RPG.

Swim from one crate to another, on top of the yellow pipe, firing all the time.

When you reach a crate, get the ammo and swim back to the other crate.

Always keep your eyes on the Energy Leech, and don’t stop firing. When the boss hits the ground avoid his powerful attack, because it will inflict massive damage.

There is a safe point that you can use to regenerate your Ego. It is behind the ammo crate on the left, under the algae; however keep in mind that the boss can still reach you.

When the boss is down, approach it quickly and Duke Nukem will put the explosive in the Energy Leech’s mouth, killing it for good.

You will unlock the Beating the One-Eyed Worm Achievement/Trophy for killing the Energy Leech.

Move forward through the tunnel you just opened and up, to exit to the surface.

To complete this part, the only thing you have to do is to run. Don’t stop and sprint, because the water level increases fast.

If you follow the signs on the walls, you will reach the exit.

Keep your weapons loaded, because several Pigcops will appear.

You will eventually reach a long stair and on top of it, is a Pigcop who throws explosive barrels at you. It is a good idea to drink some beer and sprint. If you don’t have beer, shoot the barrels, but no matter what happens, keep running.

Your exit is a tunnel and if you manage to reach it, the water will push you outside. This is the end of this chapter.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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