Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Ruffled Feathers Quest Walkthrough

Ruffled Feathers is a Dragon’s Dogma quest that can be activated by checking the notice board in the Encampment.

The board is located to the east, near the entrance to the Training Grounds.

To complete this quest we have to find and kill 2 seabirds.


Slay 2 seabirds

Region: Cassardis Vicinity


“A warrior should have keen sight to strike even the smallest targets with precision.

Lately the seabirds have been all over the fish we dry out in the village. Hunt some of them down and help hone your warrior’s eye.”


To find the seabirds, we must hunt during the day. If needed, we will talk to Ecbal and ask him to allow us to stay during the night in his camp.

When the morning comes, we travel south to the Unusual Beach where we can find multiple birds.

Hunting them is not an easy task especially if our hero is a warrior who can’t attack them from distance.

To successfully complete the job and the quest, we have to be careful and we should use a Throwblast or Dragon’s Spit mixture which can be found in Cassardis.

If we visit Aestela she will sell them to us.

With a bomb in hand, we approach the seabirds from behind, walking slowly.

From a small distance we throw the bomb and kill the seabirds. After we manage to kill two of them, the Ruffled Feathers quest ends and we earn 500 XP Points.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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