Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Guardsman Sought Quest Walkthrough

In Dragon’s Dogma, Guardsman Sought is a Cassardis quest which can be activated by visiting Pablos’ Inn after we reach Gran Soren for the first time.

Guardsman Sought is a side-quest similar to Scholarly Pursuit, meaning that we have to escort a NPC (in this case Adaro) to a specific location in Gransys (The Shadow Fort).

We activate the Guardsman Sought quest by traveling back to Cassardis.


Escort Request: Adaro

Region: The Shadow Fort


“Wanted: a warrior of some strength to serve as bodyguard for a short journey”


We begin the short journey to Shadow Fort in the morning, to avoid any monsters that spawn during the night.

If we played Scholarly Pursuit before this quest, we already know that the Shadow Fort is located on the western cost of Gransys, north from the point where we said goodbye to Clemente.

If the area is unexplored, we start from Cassardis and move north towards the Encampment.

From there we go left following the path through the mountains, and then south until we enter Vestad Hills.

As we descend the hills, we make sure that we follow the path to the right and that Adaro stays alive. We remember that if he dies, we will fail to complete the quest.

Tip: If Adaro is injured we ask for help from a healer and we place our hero near the chief, to heal him as well.

Since the road is well protected, we can avoid large group of enemies by going around them; and we continue to push west, and then north, until we reach a rest camp.

From there, we move west, around Lake Hardship and follow the dirt path in the forest. Eventually, we will see a large building inside the mountain, which is in fact our destination: Shadow Fort.  When we approach the fortress, Guardsman Sought ends.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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