Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Grim Tidings Quest Walkthrough

Grim Tidings is another Dragon’s Dogma quest that can be completed in Cassardis.

The quest giver is a character named Elvar.

During the day we can find Elvar in his house located in the southern area of the village.

If we talk to him, the Grim Tidings quest becomes active in our journal.


“Elvar asked you to relay dark news to Merin.”


“Cortese is dead, and Elvar lacks the mettle to tell Merin. He begs of you to serve as the bearer of bad news.”


To complete Grim Tidings all we have to do is to descend the hill in the village and go to the beach.

When we reach the location we look for Merin who can be found by the pier where the fishing boats are repaired.

If we talk to him he will understand that is not Merin’s fault that Cortese died.

Now, we have to return to Merin and speak to him.

The Grim Tidings quest is completed after a short dialogue with Merin.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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