Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Floral Delivery Quest Walkthrough

The first quest we should complete in Cassardis, the small village featured in Dragon’s Dogma, is called Floral Delivery.

The quest-giver is a woman named Benita, located in a demolished building at the base of the hill where our hero wakes up.

Benita is a nurse trying to heal the villagers attacked by the dragon. When we approach her, we can activate the Floral Delivery quest.


“The dragon’s visit left injury and sorrow in its wake. Gather medicinal flowers so that Benita might treat the wyrm’s victims.”


“Benita requires sunbright and moonglow for her poultice. First gather some sunbright and bring them to her.”


Floral Deliver can be completed immediately upon activation. We equip our hero and head toward the western gate of the city, to exit Cassardis. As we approach the gate, we trigger a cutscene and see a rift opening, and a pawn travelling through it.

After the cutscene, chief Adaro offers additional information about the rift and a new quest becomes active in our journal: Upon a Pawn.

Note: Upon a Pawn is a story-quest which requires our presence in in the northern Encampment. First, we will complete as many quests as we can in Cassardis, and then we will focus on that quest.

Accompanied by Rook, we leave the city and we follow the path towards the Encampment.

To our left we see a mud road. If we follow it, we notice a large tree and near it, three flowers.  More can be found nearby. We pick up the sunbright, and then we cross the main road to reach the beach.

As we travel we notice that the night sets in, therefore we should equip a lantern. We also observe that the area is inhabited by rabbits and goblins.

Combat Tip: The goblins are nasty creatures and they can be a problem if they surround us. We move around and we block their attacks. Our pawn empowers the weapons we have and we can inflict greater fire-damage.

When we reach the beach we continue to march north looking for moonglow. We know that we are able to find these plants only at night, and by their name they should glow.

As we explore the area, we observe one blue plant near the mountain. It is a blue flower and because of the night, we are able to find it faster. Another one can be found right on the beach. After we get 2 of them, we return to Benita and talk to her twice. The Floral Delivery quest ends after we get our rewards.

Note: Sunbright can be found only during the day and Moonglow only during the night. If we run out of time we locate the inn back to the city and rest until morning/sunset.

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