Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Extermination Quest Walkthrough

In Dragon’s Dogma, Extermination is a quest posted on the notice board located in Cassardis (Pablos’s Inn).

The quest becomes available after we kill the hydra, which attacks the Encampment (A Rude Awakening quest).

If we return to Cassardis and visit the inn we will find a new notice and the Extermination quest is activated.


Slay 24 giant bats

Region: All Gransys


“Every year more and more animals fall victim to monster assaults.

These unfortunate, injured beasts go wild in their pain, attacking indiscriminately. Won’t you do the right thing and put these poor souls out of their misery?”


Since the reward for this quest is a large amount of gold, we start hunting bats as soon as we receive activate it.

Bats can be found all around Cassardis; however we have better chances to find them in tunnels, therefore we enter the well located near the gate of the village.

The well is in fact the entrance to Dripstone Cave, therefore we should fully explore it to find all bats.

We already know that the cave is inhabited by lizard-like creatures, which are very powerful, so we don’t go inside unprepared.

After we find and kill the required number of bats, the Extermination quest ends.

Note: If we can’t find all bats in Dripstone Cave, we should explore the surrounding forests at night, or we can go back to the inn and rest a day.

Eventually, the bats in Dripstone Cave will respawn.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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