Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Deeper Trouble Quest Walkthrough

The side-quest called Deeper Trouble, featured in Dragon’s Dogma, can be activated after we enter Gran Soren for the first time, but if we visit Cassardis later.

When we reach the gate, we will hear a voice coming from the well we have explored earlier in the game. It is well known that the well is in fact the entrance to Dripstone Cave.

If we descend the well we find a man named Rorric who will give us a new quest, named Deeper Trouble.


“The villager yet fears the well. Root out the remaining monsters nests to end the threat for good and all.”


“Delve into the well and purge away the saurian inside.”


We already know that saurians are nasty and powerful creatures that attack in packs. We have encountered them during our first visit in Dripstone Mine, and we know that we should avoid any attacks from behind, unless if we cut their tails. Their bodies are covered with strong scales.

Knowing this we begin the quest following the main tunnel. When we jump off the ledge we get ready to face the saurians.

Note: A good idea is to play this side-quest after we activate Arise to Power, since for the latter quest we have to kill 10 saurians, and all of them are located in Dripstone Mine.

It is also good to know that for this quest we have to defeat a very powerful Saurian boss; therefore if we are not prepared we should postpone the quest. If our level is high enough (at least 20, depending on our hero’s class) we can take him out and then destroy all saurian nests.

After we reach the bottom floor we go right through the water. We notice that a new tunnel was unlocked since our last visit. The tunnel allows us to enter a new cave filled with saurians. Using the same strategy we have used before, we kill all of them, and their leader, and then we destroy the nests, to finish Deeper Trouble.

Combat Tip: If we cut the tail of a Saurian, the creature drops the weapon, and we can take it out faster.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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