Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma Deep Trouble Quest Walkthrough

In Dragon’s Dogma, after we complete the Call of The Arisen story-quest, available in the Encampment, we can return to Cassardis for a new quest, named Deep Trouble.

Depp Trouble becomes available only after we finish the story-quest mentioned above, and after we trigger a specific cutscene showing a blind monk who awaits us near the village’s gate.

After the cutscene, if we look around we notice that the well in Cassardis was unlocked, and by the well is a character named Poll. Talking to him will activate the quest named Deep Trouble.


“Unnerving snarls from Cassardis’ old well startled a soldier seeking refuge inside. Investigate the source of the sounds.”


“Enter the well in Cassardis and explore its depths.”


We begin our exploration in the northern side of the main tunnel and we push to the south. The well features one main tunnel and several adjacent passages. The tunnels are filled with rats (we must kill seven of them to finish the Rat Catcher quest) and bats (Extermination side-quest).

As we advance we gather all materials, and we notice the carcass of a black animal similar to a panther. We continue to push forward, following the main tunnel, and we come across a dead end. Since there is no other way to advance, we jump down along with our party.

Note: We don’t jump if we don’t have a hero of level 10 or above (depending on the class), as well as a full party (four pawns) and at least one healer, because the lizards that wait for us are very powerful.

To kill the lizards in Dripstone Cavern we make sure that we don’t attack them from behind.

We always parry their devastating attacks, or we step out and maintain a fair distance.

If we are defeated we restart and return later, after we level up and we find better equipment.

The lizards attack in packs.

There are 6 or 7 of them inside the cavern, and all of them must be killed, in order to finish Deep Trouble. There are many side-quests that allow us to level-up our hero in case we are defeated.

If we manage to kill all lizards, we exit Dripstone Cave through the southern gate, which takes us outside, near the Encampment. From there, we travel south and talk to Poll in Cassardis, near the well, to finish the quest.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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