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Dragon’s Dogma Arise To Power Quest Walkthrough

In Dragon’s Dogma, Arise To Power is a side-quest that becomes available in the Encampment after we complete the story-quest called Off With Its Head.

Off With Its Head automatically takes us to Gran Soren, but if we turn back to the Encampment, and we check the notice board, we will find a new series of side-quests, Arise To Power being one of them.


Defeat 10 saurians

Region: All Gransys


“The Arisen must ever strive for greater heights of skill and valor that they may stand against all challenges. Roam Gransys Horning your edge against these monsters.”


As most monsters in Dragon’s Dogma, Saurians inhabit certain areas; therefore, Arise To Power can be completed immediately or while playing other quests in the game.

If we wish to complete it immediately, we can find the required amount of Saurians in Dripstone Mine. If we didn’t finish Deeper Trouble side-quest in Cassardis, we can play both of them at the same time, since for the latter quest, we must destroy several Saurian nests, which are well protected by the nasty creatures.

If we wish to postpone the quest, we can focus on other missions, because one way or another, we will encounter the Saurians.

Assuming that we need the reward (7.500 Gold) faster, we visit Cassardis and descend the well in the city. After we talk to Rorric (Deeper Trouble side-quest), we explore the right side of Dripstone Mine and we will see a large number of Saurians protecting their nests.

Note: Killing several Saurians will enrage their boss and we will trigger a very difficult fight; therefore, we should play this quest only if our hero reached a high level.

Combat Tip: To beat a Saurian we have two options. We can attack him from behind, and focus on its tail, or we can face the creature. The first strategy is the easiest one, since a Saurian without a tail, will eventually drop its weapon and fall to the ground. At this point the monster becomes vulnerable to all attacks, and it is a very accessible target.

The same strategy should be applied while fighting the Saurian boss. Without its tail, the boss tends to flee and we can take it out with a series of strong attacks.

If the fight is too hard for us, we postpone the quest, or we make sure that all pawns are well equipped and they have some healing items in their inventory.

After we kill 10 Saurians, Arise To Power is completed and the gold is added to our inventory.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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