Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma A Lost Cause Quest Walkthrough

The Dragon’s Dogma quest A Lost Cause is activated in Gran Soren, and can be completed almost immediately, since all we have to do is to find a Snakeskin Purse lost by a citizen.

A Lost Cause is an easy quest, as long as we know where to look for the Snakeskin Purse; otherwise it can be very difficult to find it.

If we manage to complete the quest, we will receive a Golden Bastard, gold, and experience points (5,000).

To begin A Lost Cause, we visit Arsmith’s Alehouse in Gran Soren, and check the notice board.


Acquire a Snakeskin Purse

Region: ???


“Somewhere in my drunken revels I seem to have misplaced by purse. I recall splashing about at our riverside festivus, but the rest is a fog. Should some kind fellow happen upon it, I beg they would see it back to me.”


What makes this quest so special is the fact that Snakeskin Purse spawns in random locations on the riverside.

To complete it we first visit the riverside north of Gran Soren and east of the Old Garrison. After we kill the Saurians on the rocks, we look for a fish pool and if we are lucky we will find the purse. If not we cross the large bridge nearby, and enter Deos Hills.

When we reach Deos Hills, we continue west along the river. If we open the map, we notice that the river turns south and it forms a curve, which separates Cursewood and eastern Gransys. We can also observe the road that crosses the river, and to the right a formation similar to an eye-lash.

Near this specific location, to the right and on the river’s shore is an area filled with Sulfur Saurians (as seen in the picture). After we kill all of them, by cutting their tails, we explore the river and look for another spot where fishes gather. Here we should find the Snakeskin Purse. After we get it, we return to Gran Soren and deliver it to the quest-giver.

Tip: When we reach one of the locations mentioned above, we can save the game, take out all creatures in the area, and look for the purse. If we can’t find it, we can reload and try again. Usually, this specific item is in the second location mentioned above.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough
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