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DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 8 Collectables Guide

Our DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 8 collectables guide below shows where to find all Secret Doors, Lost Souls and Keys while playing the eighth mission in Devil May Cry 5, a mission names Eyeless.

DmC: Devil May Cry Eyeless includes one Argent Key, two Secret Doors (Argent and Cooper) as well as eight Lost Souls.

The collectables’ walkthrough contains instructions and useful tips that can help you get a 100% completion rate at the end of the mission.

DmC Eyeless starts after Dante meets a blind old man (Mission 7) who can help him get to Bob’s tower in Limbo; however, in exchange he asks Dante to recover his missing eye located in the Harpies’ Lair.

During the first part of the mission, Dante must follow the Harpies in order to enter their lair.

Mission Name: Eyeless

Keys: 1

Secret Doors: 2

Lost Souls: 5

Lost Soul #1

The first two collectibles in DmC Mission 8 Eyeless are quite easy to find but both of them require Dante’s weapon known as Aquila. To locate them, as soon as the mission begins, start following he Harpies, and eventually you will reach a large gap inside the tunnel; therefore you need to find another path.

Jump on the right side of the tunnel and in front of you should appear the first red door that can be smashed using Eryx. Before smashing the said door, look to the right across the gap and you will see a door made of blue vines.

Charge Dante’s Aquila and destroy the vines from distance, then you will see the first Mission 8 DmC Lost Soul just in front of you.

Using the Angel Boost ability, get near the soul and collect it, then take a look around for the second DmC Mission 8 collectible.

Secret Door #1 (Copper)

While facing the spot where the previous collectable was located, turn right and at the end of the hallway you will see the first DmC Secret Door in Mission 8.

It is on the left wall and once unlocked a new Devil May Cry Secret Mission becomes available: Copper – A Taste of Heaven.

DmC: Devil May Cry a Taste of Heaven secret mission requires you to kill all enemies before the time runs out; however, you must be aware that Dante can die if he takes one hit.

The easiest way to beat DmC: Devil May Cry A Taste of Heaven is to use Dante’s axe on the shielded demons on the ground, while moving all the time to avoid the hits coming from the flying demons.

When all ground demons have been defeated, use Ophion Demon Pull to destroy the shields of the remaining flying demons, and then shoot them down. Continue down the path until you see the metro tunnel.

Lost Soul #2

To get the second DmC Eyeless Lost Soul, make sure that when you reach the entrance to the metro tunnel, you turn left instead of right, which is the path you have to follow in order to advance. The collectible is on the left wall.

Key #1 (Argent)

As you push forward through the metro tunnel you will eventually reach a lower area where the Demons will attack you. Use the metro in your advantage and launch them in the air while standing under the train.

Next, look for the only DmC Argent Key in Mission 8, behind the fence on the right side of the station. To reach the Argent Key look for the entrance on the other side of the metro tunnel (it’s located next to the dead end on the right side, while facing the large gap).

Collect the key, then continue to follow the Harpies.

Lost Soul #3

In the tunnel where the Divinity Statue is located you will be able to find two additional collectibles. The first one is a Lost Soul located above you, on the right side of the tunnel, while facing the Harpies you must follow.

Advance slowly and then look up to see the entrance to a smaller area. After you collect it maintain your position and turn around.

Secret Door #2 (Argent)

After you have collected the previous soul, look around while standing inside the small chamber, and you should see a red door, in a similar room, but on the opposite wall of the main tunnel. Behind the room is the Secret DmC Eyeless Argent Door. U

nlock it to start a new secret mission named: Argent – Moderate Traversal.

DmC: Devil May Cry Argent Moderate Traversal Secret Mission is similar to another mission you have played earlier in the game; meaning that you will have to move as fast as possible and reach the finish line before the time runs out.

The main difference between Copper Moderate Traversal and Argent Moderate Traversal is that the amount of time has been lowered. After you beat the challenge, follow the Harpies until you reach the nest, but do not retrieve the eye, because you have to collect the last two Lost Souls.

Lost Soul #4

The final Lost Souls in Mission 8 are located in two different tunnels inside the nest. While facing the old man’s eye, turn left and you will see a grappling point that allows you to enter a tunnel.

On the other side, on the right wall is the Lost Soul. Get it then return to the center of the nest without pulling the eye.

Lost Soul #5

After you collect the fourth Eyeless Lost Soul, return to the center of the nest and place yourself in front of the central pillar (where the eye is located).

Now, turn right and you will see another grappling point, which leads to a tunnel similar to the one you have explored earlier. At the end of this specific corridor but on the left wall is the last DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 8 Lost Soul and collectible.

After you get the collectable, pull the eye and defeat the harpies that attack you, without falling into the abyss. When a fight is over, return to the old man and give him the eye.

In return, he will agree to help you reach Bob’s tower, and the next mission called Devil Inside, will be unlocked.

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