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DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 18 Collectibles Locations

DmC: Devil May Cry Demon’s Den, or Mission 18 is the last mission of the video game, in which you will be able to collect Keys, Lost Souls and to open Secret Doors.

Following the events that occurred in the previous mission (Furnace of Souls); DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 18 starts inside a large cavern with four tunnels. Inside, Dante must power-up the generator in order to advance get close to Mundus.

Below, is the DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 18 collectibles guide, which explains where to look for all hidden collectables in DmC 5 Demon’s Den.

At the end of the mission, assuming that you have followed all previous parts included in our guide, you will be able to unlock the corresponding trophies and achievements.

Mission Name: Demon’s Den

Keys: 1

Secret Doors: 1

Lost Souls: 3

Lost Soul #1

Since the large cave is divided in four tunnels, you should begin you search for the Lost Souls, Keys and Doors, with the one to the left, next to the Divinity Statue.

Go down the first tunnel, and when you reach the exit, while standing on the edge, turn right to spot the first Lost Soul attached to the cave’s right wall. Jump only once, and then Angel Boost towards the platform below the Soul in order to collect the item.

Now, start the first generator, then return to the main chamber and follow the second tunnel, the one closest to Vergil’s left side.

Lost Soul #2, Door #1 (Argent)

When you exit the tunnel you will be able to see two DmC collectables.

On the right side of the cave is the Lost Soul, on a lower platform; while on the left side is the DmC Mission 18 Argent Door.

The door can be opened with an Argent Key located in one of the remaining tunnels and unlocks the Argent Collosal Triumph Secret Mission. To get the Lost Soul, Angel Boost while standing on the ramp above it, then Angel Boost again to the other side, to get near the Secret Argent Door.

Next, start the second generator. Retrace your steps and follow the first tunnel to the right, while facing Vergil.

Key #1 (Argent)

While going down the second tunnel you will reach a gap. Don’t jump. Instead’ approach the edge of the hole and look down to see a secret tunnel. Make sure you investigate it and you will find the Argent Key.

After you collect it, go down through the hole nearby and start the third generator. Now, return and explore the last tunnel (second to the right while standing next to Vergil).

Lost Soul #3

When you exit the fourth tunnel, toward the generator room, turn left and look up. You should see the final Lost Soul in the game, on a wall, above a raised platform.

Jump on the lower platform next to it and collect it to unlock the achievement. As soon as you get the final DmC: Devil May Cry collectibles continue to play the remaining missions.

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