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DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 13 Collectibles Locations

After Dante finds Kat in Mission 11, she is captured by Mundus who wishes to trade her life for Dante’s.

Vergil decides to decline his offer; however, Dante finds a way to save Kat’s life by trading Lilith instead, knowing that Mundus’ mistress carries his unborn child.

In DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 13, called Devil’s Dalliance, Dante must find and defeat Lilith who runs a club, but as soon as he enters the location, he is dragged in Limbo by Lilith.

Ten DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 13 collectibles can be found in Devil’s Dalliance, and throughout the following guide all of them are revealed for those who wish to finish the level with a 100% completion rate.

One of these DmC collectibles is a Key, two of them are Secret Doors, and the last seven are Lost Souls.

Mission Name: Devil’s Dalliance

Keys: 1

Secret Doors: 2

Lost Souls: 7

Lost Soul #1

The first Mission 13 DmC: Devil May Cry collectible is a Lost Soul. In the starting area, after you defeat all Demons, Lilith changes the environment. While facing the large arcade, turn around and you should see a higher platform, partially destroyed.

On the platform is a red door and above the door is the first Devil May Cry Lost Soul. Jump on the platform, melee the Soul and stop near the red door.

Place Dante with the back against the door and look to the right for the next collectable.

Key #1 (Gold)

After you collect the previous soul, if you turn right you should see a white floating column, and under it another platform.

On the platform is the DmC Gold Key, but to reach it, you must perform a series of jumps using Ophion Angel Lift.

When you reach the key, turn right while facing it, to spot the third DmC 5 collectible which is a Secret Door.

Secret Door #1 (Ivory)

Once the Gold Key is in your possession, make sure that you maintain your position and turn right. Across the dancing floor, on the other side of the area, you should see a similar platform and on it you will find the DmC Ivory Secret Door, but to open it you need an Ivory Key, which can be found later in the game.

Assuming that you have the key, the door will unlock the DmC Ivory Shenanigans Secret Mission. After you complete it, return to the Divinity Statue on the platform below.

Lost Soul #2

If you place Dante next to the Divinity Statue in the starting area, face the exit point and you should see a ramp. Under it, you can find the second DmC Devil’s Dalliance Lost Soul.

Lost Soul #3

When you start the Devil Has Talent contest, you will be forced to complete one of Lilith’s challenges. As you can notice the path in front of you, splits in two.

Make sure you follow the right path, because on the platform where you see the white column (to your right) is the third Devil May Cry Lost Soul.

To get on the platform, pull and hold the Left Trigger while standing on blue squares, and the Right Trigger when standing on the red squares, otherwise Dante will take damage.

Lost Soul #4

The next Lost Soul can be acquired after you complete the third round in Devil Has Talent. After you kill Lilith’s minions, don’t leave the arena without checking its walls.

The Soul is located on the right wall, while facing the blocked door (blue).

Lost Soul #5

Immediately after you kill Lilith’s Demon Rats, you will be able to advance and the path splits in two again. It is important to follow the right path and to pay attention to the right side for a floating platform.

Use the Grappling Point to advance and once you reach the next platform (with walls) look in the corner to spot another Devil May Cry Lost Soul.

Secret Door #2 (Copper)

After you reach the second Divinity Statue, while standing near it, look around for a lowered platform and you will find the second and final DmC Mission 13 Secret Door.

It requires an Argent Key and it will unlock the Devil May Cry Argent –Hasty Acquisition Secret Mission. To beat Devil May Cry Argent Hasty Acquisition Secret Mission use the Angel Boost ability to move faster and Dante’s Aquila attacks to destroy multiple environmental objects, which reward red orbs.

Once you complete the challenge, remain near the statue or you will miss the sixth Mission 13 Lost Soul.

Lost Soul #6

The next DmC Lost Soul in Devil’s Dalliance, is easy to miss. Assuming that you are near the second Divinity Statue, all you have to do is to look up, to spot a floating platform and a grappling point.

Next to the platform on which you are standing, you should see another floating platform, but smaller. Use the grappling point on it to go up and you will find the missing Lost Soul on a wall, next to a purple star.

Lost Soul #7

To get the final Lost Soul in this mission, you must advance towards Lilith’s statue and eventually you will find another spot that must be destroyed using Dante’s gloves.

It is on a larger platform (several jumps away from the Divinity Statue) and while you stand on the highlighted square, if you turn right, you will see another DmC 5 Mission 13 Lost Soul.

The next mission in the video game, called Last Dance, features only a boss fight; therefore, you won’t be able to find any DmC collectibles.

Our guide continues with the mission called The Trade, in which, you must locate 2 Keys.

DmC Devil May Cry Guides
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