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DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 11 Collectibles Locations

All DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 11 collectibles locations listed in the following video game guide, must be visited by those who wish to get a 100% completion rate at the end of the eleventh DmC mission, named The Order.

In DmC Devil May Cry Mission 11: The Order, players must find one Copper Key, one Copper Secret Door and seven Lost Souls all of them being revealed below.

Those who wish to locate them in a single playthrough should follow the same order as the one presented in our guide, since at the end of the mission, fans of the videogame will have to explore multiple corridors, without advancing towards the exit point.

DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 11 continues the events of the previous missions, Devil Inside and Bad News.

The Order begins with a short cutscene showing Dante who tries to locate Kat, now a fugitive.

Mission Name: The Order

Keys: 1

Secret Doors: 1

Lost Souls: 7

Lost Soul #1

After you defeat the Butcher and enter the next building, you will find a Divinity Statue. Continue to advance and you will eventually go down one floor. When you reach the next chamber you should see a red door that must be destroyed using Dante’s gloves: Eryx.

On the opposite wall is an entrance to a small chamber. Inside is the first DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 11 Lost Soul and the first collectible in The Order.

Lost Soul #2

Once you have defeated the Butcher in the hall with the large door protected by Kat’s graffiti, you should follow the soldiers and you will reach another large hall.

As you enter, on the opposite wall you will see a blue door, covered by vines. It’s located above the ground. While standing at the entrance, turn left and you will find the second DmC Mission 11 Lost Soul.

Lost Soul #3

For the next series of collectibles it is important to do some exploration, after you have escaped the chamber with multiple monitors. Once you do, follow the stairs down and stop when you reach the next area.

At this point you should know that if you follow the corridor in the middle, you will advance through the mission and you won’t be able to return.

Therefore, you should turn right and follow the straight corridor all the way to the dead end. You will also have to turn right again to reach it, but when you do, in the second chamber, if you turn around you should see the third Mission 11 DmC Lost Soul. To ease your search, pay close attention to the environmental sounds, because the Lost Souls make a specific sound when Dante gets near them. After you get the soul, retrace your steps and remain in the area at the bottom of the stairs, and follow the central corridor.

Lost Soul #4

As you continue to advance down the corridor mentioned above, pay close attention to the right side, because you will find a small entrance and a dead end.

Around the corner is the fourth DmC 5 Lost Soul. Collect it and continue down the same corridor, following the stairs.

Key #1 (Copper)

While following the only opened path after you have collected the previous Soul, you will descend some stairs and a ramp. Make sure you look to the right and you should spot the DmC Mission 11 Secret Key through a hole above some black rocks.

If not, once you have descended the said ramp, move forward and you will find another dead end as well as the key, in a closed room. Use the gloves to break the door. After you get the key, continue to advance down the same tunnel and you will eventually reach a Divinity Statue.

Once you do, stop (keeping in mind its position), and retrace your steps all the way back to the stairs, mentioned earlier, and follow the tunnel to the left.

Lost Soul #5

When you enter the left corridor, advance slowly, paying attention to the left wall for a red marked area. Smash the wall using Dante’s Axe, and follow the next tunnel to locate the fifth Soul in Mission 11, at the end of the corridor, near another wall that can be destroyed (right side while facing the Soul).

Get the collectible and destroy the wall near it.

Lost Soul #6

Once you get the fifth soul, advance slowly towards the exit by destroying another wall using Dante’s gloves. As you advance pay close attention to the left wall of the next corridor to locate the Lost Soul.

Secret Door #1 (Copper)

If you continue to follow the same tunnel, after you find the sixth Devil May Cry Lost Soul take a left turn and to the left you will find the Secret Cooper Door in Mission 11.

Open it to unlock an accessible side-mission named:  Copper – The Power Within.

To finish the DmC: Devil May Cry Copper The Power Within Secret Mission, constantly kill the Demons that attack you before Dante’s Devil Trigger Bar depletes. After you finish the challenge, retrace your steps again and go back to the second Divinity Statue you have found. From there, push forward toward the exit point where you will find the last DmC collectible in Mission 11, which is harder to get.

Lost Soul #7

In the round chamber where you fight the Masked Demon Assassin, stop and look up. The fifth Mission 11 DmC Lost Soul is located on one of the walls, but to get it you have to perform several special moves.

The technique used to get this specific Lost Soul is similar to the one you have applied in Mission 9: Devil Inside, to get the Gold Key. In other words, you have to use your enemy as a platform to jump on it while standing under the Soul. Make sure you launch the Demon Assassin, pull Dante towards him, and then attack the Lost Soul.

As soon as you defeat the Masked Demon, you will be able to advance and you will find Kat behind a desk.

The mission ends and you will start Mission 12: Under Siege.

Since Under Siege doesn’t include any collectibles, the next mission featured in our DmC: Devil May Cry collectibles locations guide is Mission 13: Devil’s Dalliance.

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