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DmC: Devil May Cry Lost Souls Locations Guide

Up to 80 DmC: Devil May Cry Lost Souls can be found by those who play the hack and slash video game developed by Ninja Theory, and the guide below was created to help players who want to get a 100% completion rate at the end of each level.

The DmC Lost Souls play a very important role in the game and are well hidden; however, players can find them faster using the following videogame guide.

A Devil May Cry Lost Soul is a type of collectible which can be located and destroyed by Dante.

Unlike the Secret Doors and the Keys available in Devil May Cry, the Lost Souls, as they are described in the game, have been added by developers to increase the completion bonus at the end of a mission.

Additionally, players who manage to find all of them will unlock an achievement/trophy called: Fill your dark soul with light.

Lost Souls Description

“Souls Trapped in Limbo. Free them all to increase your mission completion bonus.”

Lost Souls Locations

What makes a Devil May Cry Lost Soul different than other DMC collectibles, it is the fact that they are well hidden, and some of them cannot be collected during the first playthrough.

In other words, those who begin their search for these items should know that some Lost Souls require specific weapons. As an example, in the first DMC mission, players must find six Lost Souls, but only three of them can be located while playing the mission for the first time; because the other three are locked.

One of them requires Dante’s Eryx gloves, one requires the axe known as Arbiter, and to reach the third Lost Soul, Dante must learn the Ophion Angel Lift ability.

To release a Lost Soul in Devil May Cry, Dante must stay near it and perform a series of melee attacks.

A good idea for those who play the game for the first time, and wish to collect all DMC Lost Souls, is to advance through the game’s story until they unlock the seventh mission, and then replay all previous levels.

The following list reveals all weapons available in DmC: Devil May Cry and the missions in which they can be unlocked.

Mission 2

New Weapon: Arbiter“A demonic axe whose swings are slow but powerful. Arbiter is especially effective against shields.”

New Weapon: Osiris – “An angelic scythe, particularly useful for dealing with large crowds of enemies.”

New Ability: Ophion Demon Pull“Throw out the Ophion Whip to grapple enemies or objects and pull them toward Dante.”

New Ability: Ophion Angel Lift“Throw out the Ophion Whip to grapple enemies or objects, and lift Dante towards them.”

Mission 3

New Ability: Angel Boost“Dante propels himself forwards, while airborne.””

Mission 6

New Weapon: Eryx“Powerful gauntlets, useful for dealing massive damage to a single target. Each attack can be charged for greater effect.”

Mission 9

New Ability: Devil Trigger – “A manifestation of Dante’s true power, the devil trigger unleashed sends the world into chaos, throwing surrounding enemies helpless into the air.”

Mission 10

New Weapon: Aquila – “Lighting fast, dual wielded weapons. Their long range and sweeping attacks make them devastating against large groups of weak enemies.”

Mission 12

New Weapon: Revenant“A powerful shotgun useful for clearing crowds of enemies, and dealing high damage at close range.”

Mission 16

New Weapon: Kablooey ““Fires explosive needles that stick in enemies and can be manually detonated.”

DmC Devil May Cry Guides
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