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DmC: Devil May Cry Collectibles Locations Mission 5

Ten DmC: Devil May Cry collectibles are hidden in the fifth mission of the video game, which can be accessed after the mission known as Under Watch, and the following DmC: Devil May Cry guide reveals all of them along with instruction on how to collect them.

DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 5 is also called Virility and during this mission Dante must find two Keys, two Secret Doors and six Lost Souls. DmC: Devil May Cry Virility starts with a cutscene showing Kat and Dante approaching Mundus’ factory, where he produces the soft drink known as Virility.

After the cutscene, all you have to do is to follow Kat, because during the first part of the mission you won’t be able to find any DmC collectables since these items are located exclusively in Limbo.

Eventually, you will enter a hangar where the drink is being kept and Kat will send you to Limbo.

Mission Name: Virility

Keys: 2

Secret Doors: 2

Lost Souls: 6

Lost Soul #1

The first collectible in Mission 5: Virility is a Lost Soul. Inside Limbo you will notice that the path made of crates splits in two.

First you should follow the one to the left and you have to continue to go up by moving the containers. The Lost Soul is on a large brown container on top of the hangar. After you get it continue to move towards the end of the hangar.

Key #1 (Copper)

When you reach the top of the hangar you will have to defeat a Hell Knight.

On the platform where you kill him, once you clear the area, you should see a brown container and a fence. Behind it is the first Key in DmC Virility.

To get it, stay in front of the fence and look up and to the right. You can jump on the brown Virility crates and go around the fence protecting the key.

Now return to the previous area but do not advance.

Lost Soul #2

The second DmC Lost Soul in Virility is easy to miss, because of its location. Once you have collected the Copper key, return to the platform where you have defeated the Hell Knight and approach the edge.

To the right, you should see a platform which can be reached using two grappling points. The first one is on a floating crate and the second on the platform’s edge.

Focus on the said platform and you should see a new Lost Soul attached to the hangar’s wall. Collect it then proceed forward until you see a Divinity Statue.

Secret Door #1 (Copper)

While advancing down the corridors, you will eventually come across a Divinity Statue. In this area on the right side of the corridor more Virility crates can be observed.

Jump on them and look around for a Copper Door on the second floor. Using a DmC Cooper Key, open it to unlock the Copper – Demonic Conflict Secret Mission.

To finish the DmC: Devil May Cry Demonic Conflict mission use you must use only Demon Weapons (red) to take out the enemies within the allotted time. Dante’s Eryx Gloves should be used to complete the challenge.

Lost Soul #3

The next collectible is a Lost Soul located in the second area of the hangar, where multiple crates float around. When you reach it you will be attacked by several flying Demons.

Take them out, then using the Demon Pull, move forward then turn right to find the Lost Soul, around the corner. At this point while standing near the Demon Soul, you should know that the next collectable, which is a DmC Argent Key, is located above you; therefore, turn around and move towards the opposite wall of the hangar.

Key #2 (Argent)

When you reach the platform located next to the wall on the opposite side of the platform where you have found the third Lost Soul, look up and you will spot the DmC: Devil May Cry Argent Key standing on a crate.

Using the platforms to your right, advance until you get to the platform under the key; and then turn around, and use the grappling point above your head to reach the upper platform.

Once you get the key, retrace your steps and move toward the exit (where the pulsing vines are located), but stop when you are near them.

Lost Soul #4

The next collectible requires the weapon known as Aquila. After you defeat the Demons that spawn near the pulsing tentacles, follow the iron stairs on the left side of the exit, and look to the right where you should see a container and a blue door.

Charge Dante’s Aquila to destroy the vines and continue to move from one point to another using Ophion Angel Lift until you jump on the last platform. To the right you should see another DmC Lost Soul, and to the left a grappling point. Get the soul, and then return to exit area to get the final Mission 5 Lost Souls, but don’t advance.

Lost Soul #5

When you get to the exit point, if you stay near the tentacles and look up, on the left wall you will see the fifth soul. Using the stairs nearby, get the collectable and then return the ground floor, in the exact same spot.

Lost Soul #6

After you get the previous soul, while standing in the exact same position turn right and in a corner, behind more Virility crates, you will find the last DmC Mission 5 Lost Soul.

Secret Door #2 (Argent)

The final collectable in Devil May Cry Virility is the Argent Door. As soon as you enter the tunnels, you have to make sure you follow the pulsing tentacles, because they will lead you to the exit.

While fighting the demons, pay close attention to the ground and avoid the green poison. Additionally, look for a red door that can be smashed using the Arbiter. It is on the left wall, and behind it, you will find the Argent Door which unlocks the Argent – Displaced Skirmish Secret Mission.

In DmC: Devil May Cry Argent Displaced Skirmish mission you have to remain in an active zone while fighting your enemies.  To finish it, keep pulling your enemies within the marked zones and use the most powerful weapon in your inventory.

Moving from one marked zone to another is mandatory as well as filling the bar which allows you to use Dante’s Devil Trigger.

After you beat the DmC Argent Displaced Skirmish mission you have to continue to follow the green tentacles and clear the last room, in order to go deeper into the factory with Kat, and start the next mission: Secret Ingredient.

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