DmC Devil May Cry Cheats and Trainers

DmC Devil May Cry Cheats and Trainers

To cheat DmC Devil May Cry and complete the video game faster, players can use various cheat codes, trainers or unlockers, that have been created to aid them during the game, by providing infinite health, upgrade points, red orbs and even infinite items.

The following DmC Devil May Cry game guide reveals two methods to cheat the video game, both of them for the PC version of Devil May Cry. The first method is easier to use, because it needs an unlocker, but the second method requires a DmC Devil May Cry trainer, that activates 8 DmC  Devil May Cry cheats, or cheat codes.

Players, who wish to cheat the videogame, should be aware, because these hacks can affect the gameplay, and some antivirus programs may report the trainers as harmful.

Additionally, DmC fans should know that the Devil May Cry trainer as well as the unlocker work only on PC and can’t be used on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or to cheat in Devil May Cry 4.

DmC Devil May Cry is a hack-and-slash video game developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on January 15, 2013. Announced in 2010, at TGS, DmC became one of the most anticipated video games of 2013, despite the negative reactions regarding Dante’s redesign.

The main character in the game was reshaped by developers, being younger, but some weapons used in the previous games of the series, still appear in DmC Devil May Cry.

The game’s storyline focuses on the teenager known as Dante, who enjoys his life without knowing that the city he lives in is manipulated by Demons. After one night of heavy drinking, Dante meets a strange woman named Kat, who introduces herself as a member of a secret group called the Order.

One of her main abilities is to see in Limbo, a parallel city controlled by Demons; however, unlike Dante she can’t reach Limbo City. Later in the game, Dante finds out that he is able to travel to Limbo City, because, just like his brother, Vergil, he is a nephilim, the offspring of a Demon and an Angel.

Vergil, the leader of the Order asks Dante to help him defeat lord Mundus, the former ally of their father, who manipulates the real world, through various simple, yet very effective methods, such as a TV network called Raptor News, and an energy drink named Virility.

At the end of the game, which is divided in twenty chapters, players face Mundus as well as an unknown opponent that stands behind the entire plot; however, to successfully complete the game, players must upgrade Dante’s skills and unlock his abilities which require experience points.

To gain a large number of experience points, at the end of each chapter, players are asked to have a 100% completion rate (awarded for finding all Secret Doors, Keys and Lost Souls), and to reach better fighting ranks by performing powerful and chained combos using Dante’s vast arsenal of weapons.

DmC Devil May Cry Unlocker for PC

The easiest method to cheat DmC Devil May Cry on PC is to use an unlocker, in this case a savegame file, exported by a player who unlocked all items and weapons in the game. To do so, players will have to:

Download the DmC_SAVEGAME.rar from and extract all files included in the archive.

Create a back-up for the original savegame files.

Move the extracted files in the same directory where the default files where located.

Start and load the game.

DmC Devil May Cry Trainer for PC

The second method, which gives access to the DmC Devil May Cry cheat codes below, requires a DmC trainer, which is also available on

According to its developers, the free DmC Devil May Cry trainer works with all versions of the game (Steam, Retail, Cracked), but players who encounter difficulties in using it, can always opt to find other DmC trainers on

To activate the DmC Devil May Cry trainer players must download it and install it on their computers:

Download the trainer from and save the archive on your computer.

Extract the files in DMC_PLUS8_TRN-dEViATED.rar and copy them in the game’s folder.

Run the trainer in Administrative Mode, or, if required, in Compatibility Mode.

Start the game and press the following keys only after the game loads.

DmC Devil May Cry Cheats for PC

When the game loads, press F2 to activate the trainer, followed by:

NUMPAD1 – Infinite Health

NUMPAD2 – Infinite Upgrades. While standing near a Divinity Statue press NUMPAD 2 and purchase the upgrades you desire. Even if the upgrade points reset to 0 when you exit the menu, the upgrades acquired will remain active.

NUMPAD3 – Infinite Red Orbs

NUMPAD4 – Super Score

NUMPAD5 – Infinite Items

NUMPAD6 – Stop Mission Timers

F5 – Save Position

F6 – Load Position

T – Super Jump. The cheat allows Dante to higher than he normally does. Continuously press T and forward to ascend.

F8 – Reset all active DmC Devil May Cry cheat codes

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