Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored Mission 7 Collectibles Guide

Dishonored Mission 7, called The Flooded District continues the events of the previous mission, after we have successfully assassinated the Lord Regent.

Dishonored Mission 7 also contains a series of hidden items/collectibles, which can be found as soon as we gain the control over our character, Corvo.

Throughout the following Dishonored Mission 7 collectibles guide we reveal the location of each Bone Charm, Rune, Outsider Shrine and Sokolov painting that we have to find while playing The Flooded District.

The mission begins after we return to the Hound Pits Pub, to celebrate the death of the Lord Regent along with the Loyalists. After a quick drink, we return to our chamber, since we need to rest because the coronation of the new Empress will start shortly.

Unfortunately, we soon find out that the Loyalists have betrayed us, except for Samuel who rescued Corvo, by administrating only a small portion of the poison prepared for him. We soon wake up in the Flooded District, in a boat.

Dishonored Mission 7 Collectibles Guide

“Betrayed by Havelock, Martin and Pendleton, you were only saved at the last moment by Samuel the Boatman, who left you adrift in a ruined section of Dunwall.”

Rudshore Waterfront Area

The first set of Dishonored collectibles should be found in while exploring Rudshore Waterfront. Since Daud took our equipment, we must focus on getting it back. Therefore, before completing the main objective, we should finish the second.

Bone Charm 1

We can find the first Dishonored Bone Charm while moving towards the waypoint showing the location of our weapons. The charm is inside a building to the left, while facing the waypoint. We will locate the charm on the second floor, which can be reached using Blink.

Several Weepers can be found guarding the item. Once we get it we climb the building and when we reach the roof we stop, to find the first Sokolov Painting in Rudshore Waterfront.

Sokolov Painting

The location of the first Dishonored Sokolov Painting in Rudshore Waterfront can be found after we get the first Bone Charm. Assuming that we are on the roof, we look across the street and we should see a balcony with a mattress on it. Inside the room, is the painting named The Commutative Rats and the Weeper.

Greaves Refinery Area

When we enter Greaves Refinery we activate The Heart to locate two additional Dishonored collectibles.

Rune 1

In Greaves Lightning Refinery first we get the Rune outside. We can locate it in the bushes, next to the river. Once we collect it, we lower the leaders to enter the refinery, after we get an empty tank from the dispenser, and fill it.

Next, we use the stairs to reach the last floor outside the refinery.

Bone Charm 1

The next Dishonored hidden item we should recover is a Bone Charm. After we lower the ladders outside the refinery, we start climbing and when we reach the second floor, we should see two platforms, but one of them is lowered. Under the platform are the Boone Charm and some coins.

We collect it and continue to ascend the refinery until we get inside, and recover our weapons. Now, we can enter Daud’s base located in Central Rudshore.

Central Rudshore Area

Central Rudshore is a flooded area, where we can find one Bone Charm and one Rune.

Bone Charm 1

The Bone Charm in Dishonored Central Rudshore is very easy to locate using The Heart. It is on the other side of the region, in a container. We take it as soon as we clear the roofs, but before entering Daud’s Base.

Sokolov Painting 1

After we enter Daud’s Lair and get the key from him, we descend the building using a chain. While sliding down, it is important to observe the painting on the second floor (counting from top to bottom).

The painting is called The Torturer’s Quaternionic Groon, and it is the second Sokolov Painting in Mission 07.

Rune 1

Once we have acquired the previous collectible, we continue to slide down the chain and when we reach the ground level, we locate the final Dishonored Rune in Central Rudshore (Daud’s Base). It is on a cabinet, and we must get it before heading towards Gateward Tunnel.

Gateward Tunnel Area

In Dishonored Gateward Tunnel we can locates several collectibles as well.

Bone Charm 1

The first one is a Bone Charm, very easy to find. Immediately after we exit the tunnel while leaving Daud’s Base, we turn right, and behind some wooden planks we can see the Bone Charm on a box.

We take it, turn around and move towards the next waypoint, keeping The Heart in one hand, to find the next Rune.

Rune 1

After we get the previous Dishonored collectable, we can notice that the next Rune is on top of a building. In fact, the Rune is on the roof, and to get it, we have to move from one building to another using Blink and the windows as exit point.

Eventually, we will reach the roof, get the Rune, and then move to the next area, which is Rudshore Gate.

Note: If we don’t know how to get to Rudshore Gate, we should try using the suspended train. We jump on it while the train is stationed, unloading the cargo, and then jump down before reaching the Wall of Light on the other side. We rewire the control panel on the left wall, and then go through the door on the right wall. Eventually we reach a yard and a door which allows us to get to Old Port District Outskirts.

Old Port District Outskirts Area

In Dishonored Old Port District Outskirts area, we can notice that we can collect four additional hidden items.

Bone Charm 1

The first one is a Bone Charm, located under the demolished floor, inside a building on the left side of the main alley. We will cross near it, while heading towards the next waypoint.

The next set of collectibles is in the Sewers area.

Old Port District Outskirts (Sewers) Area

Bone Charm 1

While searching for the Sewer Key we can find the next Bone Charm inside a safe. The combination of the safe is given by two items nearby; a book named The Thirteen Months and a note: Jelly’s Next Task. If we wish to solve the riddle, we read the note keeping in mind the months that appear in it: month of Wind, month of Seeds, and month of Ice.

Next, we open the book and start counting the months that appear on the list: month of Wind is the fifth, month of Seeds is the second, and month of Ice is the eighth. This means that the safe’s combination is: 528.

We take the charm and look for the next one.

Sokolov Painting

After we find Granny Rags and the sewers key, we make sure we investigate her cottage. On the right wall, as we enter, we should see a painting. It is the final Sokolov Painting we have to find in Dishonored, the video game, and it is named The Outsider and the Circumscribed Void.

Note: Additionally, we should also check Granny’s backroom, to get another Rune and to find the Outsider Shrine.

Rune 1

After we deal with Granny, we return to the gate that must be opened with the Sewers Key and continue to advance until we reach an area where we encounter multiple Weepers. We make sure that we fully investigate it, to find the last Dishonored Rune in Mission 7, located inside a tunnel/canal,  under the floor.

Bone Charm 2

As we continue to push towards the exit, we reach a large chamber where with several Krusts shooting poisoned gas. We take them out, and then search the tunnel above the water to find the final Bone Charm, behind bars.

After we collect the final item, we exit the sewers through the marked door to complete the mission and  return to the Hound Pits Pub, to begin the next mission, called The Loyalists.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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