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Dishonored Mission 6 Collectibles Guide

Dishonored Mission 6, also called Return to the Tower begins after we eliminate Lady Boyle in Lady Boyle’s Last Party mission, and the following Dishonored Mission 6 collectibles guide, explains where to find all hidden items while playing this specific mission.

Dishonored Mission 6 includes the following hidden items: 4 Runes, 2 Bone Charms, 1 Outsider Shrine and 1 Sokolov Painting.

Return to the Tower starts in The Hound Pits Pub, after we talk to Lord Pendleton and Admiral Havelock, who will send us to Dunwall Tower.

After we discuss with Lord Pendleton , we will receive one Rune, if we have completed the secondary objective during the previous mission.

Our Dishonored Mission 6 hidden items guide, is, as the previous guides, a text walkthrough which explains where, and how to find each and every collectable in Return to the Tower, including all Sokolov’s Paintings, Runes, Bone Charms and Outsider Shrines.

As a reminder, we make sure that while using the following Dishonored hidden items guide; we respect the same order as the one below.

Additionally, we have to be aware, because one of the Runes in Dishonored Mission 6, is a reward for finding Emily, and bring her back to her maid. It is a secondary objective that must be completed if we wish to get all Runes in Return to the Tower.

When we are ready to start Mission 06, we head down to the pier and talk to Samuel, who takes us to Dunwall Tower.

Dishonored Mission 6 Collectibles Guide

“It’s time to end the Lord Regent’s rule, and if you succeed, Emily can be crowned Empress. You must return to Dunwall Tower and infiltrate the place where you once served as Lord Protector. Ever-paranoid, the Lord Regent has upgraded security over the months and has a heavily-defended safe room to which he will escape if you set off any alarms.”

Dunwall Tower Waterlock Area

After we reach the tower area with Samuel, he will stop the boat near the Dunwall Tower Waterlock, where we can find the following Dishonored hidden items.

Bone Charm 1

The first Dishonored collectible in Mission 6 is a Bone Charm. We can collect it while ascending the Waterlock using Blink. Once we reach the upper right side, we can notice that the Bone Charm is behind some bars; therefore it is inaccessible.

To get it, we follow the ventilation system, and go around the central area. Next we exit on one of the balconies, through the small windows to our left side, and use Blink to reach the ledges on the other side. We get the Bone Charm and jump back.

Rune 1

When we reach the courtyard of the tower, we notice that the area is well protected; however while facing the waypoint which is the entrance to the tower, we can go around the central turret, on the right side. We climb the structures and loot all items, and then we head downstairs where we will see the officers’ room. Inside is the Rune we are looking for, under a bed.

We make sure that we get it, and then exit the courtyard by climbing the right wall and looking for a ventilation system which takes us to Dunwall Tower Foyer.

Dunwall Tower Area

Once we get all collectibles outside, we enter the tower, where we have to look for the Lord Regent, and the following Dishonored hidden items.

Outsider Shrine 1

For this Dishonored Outsider Shrine, we have to reach the Torturer’s Chamber. We make sure that we do that as soon as we enter Dunwall Tower.

In the lobby, while facing the stairs we go through the door next to them, and continue to advance until we reach a long corridor. At the end of the corridor, to the right, is a room and other stairs that will take us to the basement. We descend, kill the torturer and locate the purple shrine and the Rune on it.

Rune 1

The next rune is easier to find because it is located in the Lord Regent’s Chamber, on the second floor, while moving towards the Broadcast Control Station. The Lord Regent’s Chamber Key is also located on the second floor, in a smaller chamber, on a dresser. If we want to open the Lord Regent’s Safe, we can do that since the combination is 935.

Once we have the key we open the chamber’s doors and look for a chest near the Lord Regent’s bed. We get the rune and then we look for the next Dishonored hidden Bone Charm.

Bone Charm 1

The Bone Charm inside Dunwall Tower is very well hidden. While exploring the second floor, we have to make sure that we identify a specific chimney. The chimney is located on the large hallway on the second floor.  If we activate The Heart, we can notice that it will show the Bone Charm behind a wall.

Next to the chimney, on the right side, we can see a switch, which allows us to turn on the light. In fact, the switch opens the secret passage in the chimney, granting access to a secret room, where we can find the Bone Charm, as well as other items, such as a letter for Corvo written by the Empress.

Sokolov Painting

On our way towards to roof, if we cross all chambers, we will eventually enter one room where we should see a piano in the middle.

Inside this room, is a chimney and above it the only painting we have to find in Dishonored Mission 6. The Sokolov Painting is titled: The Empress and the Empty Set.

Rune 2

The last Dishonored Rune in this mission is also easy to find, but to get it we have to reach the tower’s rooftop. After we take out the Lord Regent, we search for the rune on his working table, in a corner.

Once we get it, we finish the mission by going back to Samuel, at the tower’s entrance, where we started Dishonored Mission 6. As we return to The Pit Hounds Pub, we start Mission 7.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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