Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored Mission 5 Collectibles Guide

Lady Boyle’s Last Party, or Dishonored Mission 5, begins as soon as we return to the Hound Pits Pub, carrying Sokolov, our target in the previous mission, called The Royal Physician.

During Lady Boyle’s Last Party mission we can also find multiple Dishonored collectibles and hidden items.

The following collectibles’ guide was crated with the purpose of helping those who wish to find all Dishonored Runes, Sokolov Painting, Bone charms and Shrines, in Lady Boyle’s Last Party; and it is the fifth part in our complete Dishonored collectables walkthrough.

Just like in the previous guides, to find all Dishonored hidden items in Mission 5 during a single playthrough, we have to respect the order below.

We begin the Lady Boyle’s Last Party after we bribe Sokolov and find out who is the mistress of Lord Regent. In this mission, she is our primary target and objective.

Once we complete the interrogation, we head to the pier, and Samuel takes us to the Boyle Estate.

Dishonored Items Locations: Mission 5

“You’ve learned that the Lord Regent’s strongest supporter is Lady Boyle. However, three women in the Boyle Family are referred to as Lady Boyle: The wife of the later Lord Boyle and her sisters. Sokolov painted “Lady Boyle” from behind under unusual circumstances and does not know which is actually the Lord Regent’s ally. You’re being sent to the posh Boyle estate on the night of a costume party in order to determine which Lady Boyle you must eliminate.”

Estate District Area

We arrive with Samuel to the Estate District Area and we observe that the Boyle Estate is located on the right side of the river; however the first thing we should do is to collect all items on the left side.

We exit the canal and stop on top of the stairs, to locate a tall building to the left.

Rune 1 Location

The building mentioned above features a purple room which can be observed from outside. Using Blink we try to reach the roof nearby, and then the said room, where a weeper awaits for us. Once we clear the chamber we can find the first Rune, Bone Charm and the first Dishonored Outsider Shrine, on the same floor.

We collect them, and then head towards our objective (the Boyle Estate), by crossing the bridge on the left side of the area, not the one near Samuel.

Rune 2 Location

Once we reach the middle of the bridge mentioned above, we activate The Heart and notice that the second Dishonored Rune in Mission 5 is located underwater.

After we know its exact location we jump down, and retrieve it before running out of air. Once we get the Rune we cross the bridge and go around the mansion’s fence, until we reach its right side.

Bone Charm 2 Location

Assuming that we have found the instructions above, we should see near us an entrance which allows us to get inside the building next to Boyle’s Estate. If we go all the way up, following the stairs, we can find the second and final Bone Charm in Dishonored Mission 5, in a backroom on the last floor.

If we have all Dishonored collectibles mentioned up to this point, we should focus on entering the mansion, where we can find more hidden items.

The Boyle Estate

Bone Charm 3 Location

The third Bone Charm in Dishonored Mission 5 is in the wine cellar (The Boyle Estate); but to get it we need a key, because it is behind a locked door.

If we don’t have the key, we have to find a different way to enter the cellar. A good idea is to return to the kitchen in the basement and locate the air ventilation tunnel on the opposite side of the stairs that we used to get to inside. We can look for a large fish, on a stove, and to the right, near the ground, we can see a hole.

If we have the Possession Power we used it on rat nearby (spawns constantly), and then we travel through the ventilation system until we reach the area where the bone charm is located. Once we get it we head upstairs.

Sokolov Painting 1 Location

On the second floor of The Boyle Estate we can find one of Dishonored Sokolov Paintings, if we search the exhibition room.

Inside the chamber there are multiple items that can be collected if we need more money, but the most valuable is the Sokolov Painting showing Vera Moray and the Affix of Her Skin. It is located in the center of the room.

Sokolov Painting 2 Location

Once we get the previous collectible, we exit the long corridor surrounding the room where the first Sokolov painting was found and we check the next chamber, at the end of the said corridor. It is the same room where we find Lady Boyle.

The second Dishonored Sokolov Painting is next to the door and it named The Spymaster’s Axis of Asymmetry. After we collect it, we continue to explore the area, and assassinate Lady Boyle (she is wearing the white costume). We loot everything and leave the region with Samuel to complete the mission.

After we reach The Hound Pits Pub, the mission ends and we talk to Pendelton and Admiral Havelock to start the sixth mission in the game.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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