Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored Mission 3 Collectibles Guide

Dishonored Mission 3 begins automatically after we successfully assassinate Overseer Campbell in the second mission of the video game, as we return with his journal to The Hound Pits Pub.

Dishonored Mission 3, also known as House of Pleasures, takes us back to Distillery District, where a new location called Golden Cat, becomes available.

While playing this mission we can find 13 Dishonored collectibles. Five of them are runes, three are paintings that belong to Sokolov and another series of five are Bone Charms.

Even if the Dishonored Mission 3 takes place in Distillery District, we can start collecting Runes in The Hound Pits Pub.

It is important to remember that in order to use the following Dishonored collectibles’ guide properly, all collectibles listed below, must be located in the same order as they are presented.

To start Dishonored House of Pleasures mission, all we have to do, is to successfully complete the second mission of the video game, called High Overseer Campbell.

When we enter The Hound Pits Pub, we talk to Admiral Havelock regarding the journal that may reveal Emily Kaldwin’s location and our first target. Next, we sleep for several hours and return to the Admiral to discuss about weepers.

When the discussion ends, Admiral Havelock gives us the key to the sewers. We take it and enter the area through the hatch nearby.

The Hound Pits Pub (Sewers) Area

“Martin is on his way to join the Loyalists, and Campbell’s fate has thrown the Overseers into disarray. Decoding the High Overseer’s journal may reveal any number of strategic secrets, most notably the location of the rightful heir to the throne, Emily Kaldwin.”

Rune Location 1

The first Dishonored Rune in Mission 3 is located in the sewers area. When we enter, we follow the main tunnel trying to find a weeper. Eventually, we should see two of them after we take several turns.

One of the weepers is patrolling while the second one, stands near a crate. After we take them out, we check the said crate and inside we can locate the first Dishonored Rune. We collect it, and remain in the same tunnel to find the second one.

Rune Location 2

After we get the previous Dishonored collectible, we equip The Heart again, and we can observe that another rune is nearby. We look for it, on the left side of the crate where we have found the first Dishonored Rune.

The fact is that the second Rune is in water, where The Heart can’t be activated; therefore, we submerge after we know the exact location. The Rune is behind some bars, and can be collected if we are close enough.

Once we have collected both Dishonored Runes, we exit the sewers and talk to Admiral Havelock and Martin inside the pub. They will send us back to the Distillery District to locate Emily and deal with the Pendelton twins. We talk to Lord Pendelton, and then we leave the Pits with Samuel.

Distillery District Area

“The Loyalists believe that Emily is being held at the Golden Cat by the corrupt, aristocratic Pendelton brothers. These men are Lord Pendleton’s despised older brothers, twins and they are loyal to the tyrannical Lord Regent. Find Emily and the Golden Cat and eliminate Lord Custis and Morgan Pendelton.”

Bone Charm Location 1

As soon as we enter Distillery District area, we should pay a visit to Slackjaw in Dunwall Distillery, which is now a neutral zone. As we cross the front yard, we can see that the first Dishonored Bone Charm in Mission 3 is located in a smaller yard where several weepers have been locked in.

The gate to their cell is also locked and we may need the Distillery Reserve Key, to get inside. First we take out the weepers while standing outside, and then we enter the Distillery.  We cross the first two rooms, and then in front of us we should see two thugs. While facing them, we turn right, and we enter another room where we should see a Crank Wheel on the right wall. We turn the wheel and notice that a gate nearby opens, but only for a limited time.

Here we have to options. We can slide quickly under the gate before it shuts down, or if we look up we can see two windows, on which we can jump using Blink. No matter how we decide to enter, we look for the Distillery Reserve Key in the locker near the gate.

We take it, and then return to the Bone Charm outside to collect it. Now, we talk to Slackjaw who wants us to pay a visit to Galvani, but before that we should collect the next Dishonored Bone Charm.

Bone Charm Location 2

When we exit Dunwall Distillery we follow the alley and take the first turn to the right. Next, we turn left and in front of us is board where we can see multiple posters.

To the left while facing the said board, we should see the entrance to the Art Dealer’s Apartment; however, our goal is to reach the pipe above the board, to the right. Using Blink we jump on it and eventually we should see another apartment.

Once we enter, we check the backroom for the second Dishonored Charm in Mission 3. Now, we should pay a visit to Galvani.

Rune Location 1

Inside Galvani’s Mansion, we head straight to the third floor, and we look for the clue required by Slackjaw. Once we clear the area, we check the corpse on the table in the main room of the third floor, and then the backroom to the left, near the large library.

We pick up the Rune, and return to Slackjaw in Dunwall Distillery.

Bone Charm Location 3

The next Bone Charm we can collect, is in the area where we can find Granny Rags during Dishonored Mission 3. Her location has changed since the previous mission, and we must look for her in the lower part of the city.

She is residing under the bridge that connects Galvani’s street and the street that allows us to move towards Golden Cat.

Granny’s new location also features a door to Golden Cat, and a table on which we will find the third Bone Charm.

Bone Charm Location 4

The fourth Dishonored Bone Charm is in Captain’s Chair Hotel. To get the key to Captain’s Chair Hotel we need to complete the optional objective for Slackjaw, by investigating Galvani’s office. Once we get the key we enter Captain’s Chair Hotel and search the ground floor.

Behind a mattress, near a stove we can find the collectible we are looking for. Once we get it, we head upstairs and enter Golden Cat.

Golden Cat Area

Rune Location 1

The next set of Dishonored collectibles can be found once we enter the Golden Cat. The first one, which is also very easy to obtain, is inside the building on the opposite side of the Golden Cat brothel.

We look for it, on the second floor, on a table next to the window.

Rune Location 2

The second rune is inside the Golden Cat brothel, on the top floor. We search for it in a room where a hooker stands near the window. We take her out, then get the item, move towards our secondary Dishonored Mission 3 objective (The Art Merchant).

Bone Charm Location 1

The first Dishonored Mission 3 Bone Charm in Golden Cat area is inside the brothel, on the second floor; however to get this one we need a key. The key required is in fact the Golden Cat Masterkey, and the person who has it is Madame Prudence.

We can find her in the brothel, usually hiding in a corner on the stairs. She is older than the rest, and how we get the key depends on how we wish to approach the situation. We can steal the key, or kill Madame Prudence. Once we get the item, we return to the second floor, open the door and look above the chimney. We use Blink to get near the charm, and then press the corresponding button, the moment we hit the wall.

Rune Location 3

As we move towards the Ivory Room inside Golden Cat brothel, we will cross a red chamber. Attached to a mirror, is the third Dishonored Rune in Golden Cat area.

NOTE: At this point it is important to locate the Art Dealer and make him tell us the safe combination which is 696. Once we get it, we can decide how we want to approach the Pendleton brothers. To get the safe combination we enter the room where the Art Dealer is located and continuously push the lever of the machine he is standing on, until he gives up. Now, we can opt to return to Slackjaw and he will deal with the Pendleton brothers, or we can kill them. No matter how we proceed, once we complete the main mission we return to Galvani’s house and we search the mansion across the street. Using Blink we jump on the balcony of the 2nd floor and enter the Art Dealer’s mansion, to get the next collectibles.

Art Dealer’s Apartment

Sokolov Painting Location 1

If we used the balcony on the second floor, we locate the first Dishonored Sokolov Painting on the right wall of the chamber we entered.

The painting is called Light Along the Inverse Curve, Sokolov’s Self Portrait.

Sokolov Painting Location 2

Once we get the Dishonored collectible mentioned above, we go to the top floor. We take out the thugs in front of the safe, and then use the combination 696 to open the safe.

Inside we find the last Dishonored Rune in this mission as well as the second Dishonored Painting, named Curtis, Morgan and the Postulate Child. At this point the final Dishonored Mission 3 collectable we need to locate is the third painting.

Sokolov Painting Location 3

After we get the previous painting, we exit the safe and cross the hall, until we reach the room, on the other side. Inside, we turn right, and we should see another painting on a wall. It is the final Dishonored collectable in Mission 3, and it is called Doud and the Parabola of Lost Seasons.

We get it, and then head back to the pier and leave the Distillery District along with Samuel, Emily and all Dishonored collectibles in Mission 03.

Once we reach The Hound Pits Pub, the fourth mission in the video game begins.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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