Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored Mission 2 Collectibles Guide

While playing Dishonored Mission 2, we can find the first collectibles in the game.

Dishonored Mission 2 begins after Corvo escapes Coldridge Prison, and when he reaches The Hound Pits Pub.

In Dishonored Mission 2 as soon as Samuel takes us to The Hound Pits Pub we must begin our search for Bone Charms and Runes; however, we have to remember that this specific mission spans in more than one area, meaning that it will end after we kill High Overseer Campbell.

In addition to this, we have to remember, that in order to properly use the Dishonored Mission 2 collectibles guide below, we must find all collectables in the same order, as they have been described.

The Hound Pits Pub Area

„Samuel the boatman has smuggled you across the river from Coldridge Prison. He works for and underground movement opposed to the illegal reign of the Lord Regent, and has brought you to meet the members of the organization.”

Rune Location 1

The first Dishonored Rune is quite easy to find, as it practically introduces this type of collectible. After we reach The Hound Pits Pub and after we rest, we will start a side-mission called A Visit From The Outsider. During this mission we will learn how to use the first power in the game, a power called Blink.

Additionally, we will also receive a special item, named The Heart, which allows us to find Runes and Bone Charms.

After we get the item, we equip it, and the location of the first Dishonored Rune will appear on our display. We advance towards the marked location and drop down through the floating building, which is partially demolished.

We jump through one of the holes in the floor, and land on the floating platform with a chest on it. Now we use Blink to teleport from one platform to another.  To reach the final platform, we make sure we keep Blink active, and then sprint and jump. While in air we release the button to teleport on the final platform where we can see the Rune just in front of us.

We unlock one of the powers, and then we will be returned to the real world. At this point we should focus on the second Dishonored Rune in The Hound Pits Pub Area.

Rune Location 2

For the second Dishonored Rune in Mission 2, we have to go back to the harbor. We exit The Hound Pits Pub, and go back to the place where Samuel keeps his boat, on the pier. It is the location where we have started the mission.

While facing the boat, we turn left and continue on the pier. Next, we jump in water and swim along the shore. From time to time we should exit the water to replenish our air.

While holding The Heart in our hand we can clearly see the rune, on a stone, near two pipes. One of them is red, and the other one is white.

Tip: We can use Blink to move from one stone to another without touching the water.

After we collect these two Dishonored Runes, we can begin our first official mission as a member of the Loyalists. The first target is Overseer Campbell, the city’s militant and a close ally to the Lord Regent.

Distillery District Area

“High Overseer Campbell leads the city’s militant religious faction and is a close ally to the Lord Regent. Campbell is completely corrupt and holds the secret to Emily’s location. Infiltrate the Office of the high Overseer, steal Campbell’s journal and eliminate him. An ally to the Loyalists, Martin, is being held there. Free him and allow him to escape.”

Bone Charm Location 1

The first Dishonored collectible, in Distillery District is a Bone Charm. After we reach the shore along with Samuel, we walk towards our first objective and above us we should see a bridge. On the bridge, two soldiers can be observed while throwing corpses in a boat.

We climb the stairs, to the left, and then we continue to go up, until we are on the same bridge. First we take out the soldiers, and then we search the area at the end of the bridge where we can see the Dishonored Bone Charm, on the ground, but behind a gate.

What we need to do, is to use Blink and jump on the right wall of the tower. We continue down the pipes beneath us, and then we reach the area behind the gate. We collect all items, and we return to the bridge using the same path.

Rune Location 1

The first Dishonored Rune in Distillery District is located east of Old Dunwall Distillery. If we travel north once we enter the city, at the end of the main alley, we should see a balcony that can be accessed using a ramp.

Inside the house we find Granny Rags. We talk to her and activate an optional mission (Gentlemen Callers) and then we search the backyard of her house, where we can find the rune.

Now, we take out the thugs waiting outside Granny’s house and return to her. As a reward, she will give us a Birthday Gift, located on the second floor of her house, under a boat. The gift is the second Dishonored Rune in this mission.

After we get the present, Granny will give us another task and another Rune. To complete it, we have to break into Dr. Galvani’s flat on Clavering Boulevard. But until then, we can find the next Bone Charm.

Bone Charm Location 2

The second Bone Charm that can be collected in Dishonored Mission 2 is located near Griff.

Griff is an old man and is being held captive; therefore first we must kill his guards. After we talk to him, we have to check the backroom, which has a broken ceiling.

Using Blink we reach the second floor, where we can find the Dishonored Bone Charm on a table.

If we don’t know how to reach Griff, we make sure that our starting point is Granny’s house. We exit through the front door, and then follow the alley in front of us. We take the first turn to the left, and at the end of the next alley we can spot two guards in front of a barricaded door. Behind it, is Griff.

Bone Charm Location 3

In Dunwall Distillery, after we cross the yard, we can find another Bone Charm behind the main room.

First we take out the thugs in the main room, then we head to the other side and we will reach the area where we have to contaminate the Bottle Street Gang’s Elixir with plague. Once we do that, we check the area above the stairs.

Here we should see multiple barrels on both walls and near the ceiling a wooden pole. Using our Blink power we jump from one barrel to another until we reach the said pole where we will pick up the third Bone Charm. Now, we should return to Granny Rags and collect the third Rune from her.

Rune Location 4

The fourth rune (the third is a reward from Granny Rags) is very easy to find. After we get past the second Wall of Light, on the left side of the main road we can observe a container.

We equip the Heart and press the correspondent button to point the exact location of the item we are looking for.

Inside the container is the Dishonored Rune we are looking for.

Rune Location 5

The next rune can be located in the Meeting Chamber of the Overseer’s Office. First we make sure that as soon as we enter, we switch Campbell’s glass of wine, without poisoning Curnow.

Next, we use Blink to jump on one of the chandeliers above, and assist their discussion. Once Campbell is dead, Curnow calls the guards, therefore we take them out as soon as they appear, or they will kill Curnow.

After Curnow escapes, we locate the chimney in the hall and above it we should see the fifth rune. To get it, we have to use Blink and jump towards it. The moment we reach the wall, we press the action key to get it.

Rune Location 6

The sixth rune is harder to find, because it is hidden in the Overseer’s Secret Office. The entrance to the office is also hidden, and can be accessed while crossing the Kennels towards the Main Hall.

At some point we should see a statue with a green/blue eye. If we push the eye, a secret door opens and we can enter the secret office. Inside, we look for the rune, at the other side of the room, to the left. We remain in the same area, to find the next collectible.

Sokolov Painting Location 1

Inside Overseer’s Secret Office, we should also investigate the painting on the right wall, as we enter. It is the Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell and it is the only Sokolov Painting we have to collect during this mission.

Once we get the rune, we return to the Kennels and then we move towards Samuel the Boatman.

Rune Location 7

The final rune is inside the workshop in the backyard, where Samuel waits for us.

To enter the workshop we can opt to use the window on the roof or the locked door which can be opened with the key carried by one of the guards.

After we get inside we check the workbench and get the collectible.

Bone Charm Location 4

After we get the previous collectible, we exit the workshop through the roof and jump on the building nearby.

We get inside through the broken window with bars on it, and we grab one of the chains to descend slowly, because the floor is full of rats.

From there we can locate a vise and the fourth Bone Charm, on it.

Bone Charm Location 5

The final Bone Charm and Dishonored collectible in the mission, is harder to get, because of its location. While facing the chain that takes us down to the pier and to Samuel, in the Backyard area, if we turn right we can see a wall on which we can read “Brined Fish”.

Inside this specific building we can find the Dishonored Bone Charm, but it’s carried by a dead soldier, in a room that can’t be accessed from inside without one of Corvo’s powers.

In the building we can see a cracked wall. If we have the Possession Power, we make sure we possess a rat, and go through the hole, using the ramp and the table nearby. If not, we have to go outside, and while standing on the roof, we look for a ledge which allows us to land near a blocked window. We break the planks and get inside. The same window is used to exit, in case we opt for the first method.

As soon as we get all Dishonored collectibles in Mission 2, we can talk to Samuel and return to The Hound Pits Pub, where the next mission begins.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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