Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide

Dishonored Collectibles Guide

Multiple Dishonored collectibles can be found by those who play the stealth/first-person shooter developed by Arkane Studios; and throughout the game guide below we reveal the location of every Dishonored hidden collectible in the game.

Dishonored is a video game published by Bethesda Softworks for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. As most video games, while playing it, fans can find a series of important items, known as collectables.

These collectibles can be divided in four major categories: Bone Charms, Runes, Outsider Shrines and Sokolov Paintings.

Bone Charms

The first category includes the Dishonored Bone Charms, which are equipable items that can be located using a special artefact known as The Heart. A Dishonored Bone Charm is used by the main character, Corvo, to slightly increase the effectiveness of his combat skills, items and weapons.

For example, the Undertaker Dishonored Bone Charm increases Corvo’s speed when carrying corpses; while the Reinforced Bolts Bone Charm affects the bolts fired by Corvo, which break less often.

An important aspect regarding the Bone Charms in Dishonored is that they only appear after the first mission.

Additionally, the number of Bone Charms that Corvo can activate, is limited, and can be increased, only by purchasing a special upgrade.


The second category of Dishonored collectibles refers to the hidden Runes, which are more powerful than the Bone Charms. Just like the first category, the Runes can be found using The Heart.

The Runes play a vital role in Dishonored, because without them, players can’t upgrade Corvo’s Powers. As an example, the Devouring Swarm power in the game, allows Corvo to summon a swarm of rats that will attack his enemies, or devour corpses.

To unlock and use this special power players need 3 Dishonored Runes. Once unlocked, a power can be activated anytime in the game; however, players can also upgrade it, but more runes are required. The Runes in Dishonored can also be found after the first mission, once Corvo gets The Heart.

Another important fact that must be mentioned is that the locations of all Bone Charms and Runes appear only when The Heart is activated by Corvo.

Even if these locations are known, getting all Dishonored collectibles is a different matter, because some of them are inside rooms that can’t be accessed without solving small puzzles, or by completing special objectives.

The purpose of our Dishonored collectibles game guide is to explain how to get all Bone Charms and Runes in the video game, and where to look for the Outsider Shrines and Sokolov Paintings, which cannot be found using The Heart.

Eventually, these tasks will allow players to unlock more achievements/trophies. Dishonored is a video game divided in missions, and because of this, our video game guide is also divided in parts. Our collectibles guide starts with Mission 2.

Dishonored Collectibles Locations Guide
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