DiRT Showdown Cars List

DiRT Showdown Cars List

In Dirt: Showdown, racing fans can unlock up to 28 cars and use them to win the races included in the video game developed by Codemasters Southam for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The following game guide reveals the full list of Dirt: Showdown cars and the full list of events featured in the game.

Dirt: Showdown became available on May 25, 2012 in Europe and it is one of the most expected racing video games of 2012.

Rated E10+ for Everyone 10+, Dirt: Showdown was published by Codemasters and uses the Ego 2.0 engine.  Unlike DiRT 3, Dirt: Showdown offers a reduced number of vehicles, but introduces new game modes, also known as events.

The video game comes with four levels of difficulty: Pro, Allstar, Champion, and Legend. Each difficulty level contains multiple events or races, which allow players to test their driving skills by completing a series of tasks.

All events can be grouped in three major categories (Racing, Demolition, Hoonigan), and for every category, players can unlock specific cars.

Racing events (Race-Off, Domination and Elimination) are focused on speed, while in Demolition races (Rampage, Knock Out, Hard Target and 8-Ball) players have to destroy as many rivals as possible.

In Hoonigan races (Trick Rush, Head 2 Head and Smash Hunter), contestants must perform various tricks similar to those in Gymkhana mode from Dirt 3.

Since the races can be grouped in categories, all cars in Dirt: Showdown can also be divided in three classes, based on their stats. Racing cars have improved speed but low strength, while Demolition cars lack in speed but can absorb more damage. The last group includes Hoonigan cars which excel in maneuverability as well as speed.

New cars can be unlocked by winning races; however, is it good to know that some of the cars in Dirt: Showdown become available only when the player reaches specific points in the game.

Additionally, players will notice that while some cars are free, others must be unlocked by purchasing them. For purchasing every car in Dirt: Showdown, the player unlocks the Showdown Showroom achievement/trophy.

Money earned after each race can also be used to buy upgrades, which improve a car’s stats, such as its speed, and strength.

These upgrades play an important role in Dirt: Showdown, because the game’s difficulty level increases from one event to another.

Before each race, players can also choose a sponsor. In Dirt: Showdown, sponsors play a less important role, as they can be used only to change the aspect of the car, not its performance.

Race Off Cars

Event Info: “Be the first to cross the finish line to win.”

Cars available: Beliveau Meteor, Zenden Cup , Larock Sprinter,  Jupiter San Marino, Duke Coupe,  Dumont Type 47, Logan Vulture, Janzen Modified, Lombardi 336LM.

Rampage Cars

Event Info: “Smash and wreck your opponents to score. The more damage dished out, the more points you’ll earn.”

Cars available: Robson Avenger, Jupiter Del Rio, Burton Beachcomber, Onyx Runner, Holbrook Growler, Lafayette Eulogy, Kessler Stowaway, Coyote Landraider, Kohler G350, DMG Titan.

Knockout Cars

Event Info: “Battle it out on a perilous platform, running opponents off the edge for 1000 points.”

Cars available: Same cars as those used in Rampage Events.

Eight Ball Cars

Event Info: “A collision course with brutal cross-over points to tempt carnage. Smash your opponents to recharge your boost and try to reach the finish line first.”

Cars available: Same cars as those used in Knockout Events.

Head 2 Head Cars

Event Info: “Race head-to-head in a frantic face-off along a sprint route filled with tricks. Complete each trick in sequence and cross the line ahead of your rival.”

Cars available:  Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V, Scion tC, Subaru Impreza WRX STI GR, Ford Fiesta Gymkhana 3,  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Jun, Saturn Sky, Mini Cooper S Gymkhana, Ford Mustang GT, Ford Escort MK 2.

Eliminator Cars

Event Info: “Do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the pack and survive. Once each 15 seconds countdown timer reaches zero the driver in the last place is eliminated.”

Cars available: Same cars as those used in Race Off Events.

Hard Target Cars

Event Info:  “Survive against waves of attackers who work together to take you out quickly! Watch your damage and evade the onslaught for as long as possible.”

Cars available: In Hard Target races players use the same cars as those used in Rampage races.

Domination Cars

Event Info:  “Set the fastest time through each of the 4 sectors to score up to 10 points per sector. Your finishing position is worth up to 10 points too, so smash into your opponents to earn extra boost and reach the finish line first.”

Cars available: For Domination races, players use the same cars they used in Eliminator and Race Off events.

Smash Hunter Cars

Event Info: “Smash the colored blocks in sequence in the fastest time possible. Keep an eye on the black counter to ensure you smash enough, before moving on to the next color. If you miss some, just use the Flashback to rewind and try again. Don’t forget to boost to gain those extra seconds.”

Cars available: All cars unlocked in Head 2 Head races, can be used in Smash Hunter races.

Trick Rush Cars

Event Info:  “Freestyle in an open playground, marked with stunt and trick zones. Complete drifts, donuts and smash the yellow blocks or grab some air off the marked jumps to score. Keep your multiplier topped up by completing tricks to maximize your score. But vary the tricks if you can, otherwise they will become stale and your score will suffer. Don’t forget to boost to save time.”

Cars available: All cars unlocked in Smash Hunter and Head 2 Head.

DiRT Showdown Cars List
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