DiRT 3 Cheats and Trainers

DiRT 3 Cheats and Trainers

Released on May 24, 2011 in U.S and developed by Codemasters Southam, DiRT 3 or Dirt 3, is a racing video game available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The title was rated T for Teen and is also known as Colin McRae DiRT 3.

Gamers who purchased the retail version of Dirt 3, and they play it on PC, can use various trainers to cheat the game. Our cheating guide explains how to use such a trainer, which can be downloaded for free from DLH.net.

Below is a step-by-step guide, created with the purpose of teaching players how to install the trainer and how to activate all DiRT 3 cheats.

After the official release, DiRT 3 was well received by critics and players alike. IGN’s critic gave the Editor’s Choice Award as well as 8.5 points out of 10. In the Official Xbox MagazineDiRT 3 received a similar score.

The critic praised the designs of the cars and the smooth handling. DiRT fans should be aware that DiRT 3 uses the EGO 2.0 engine, and because of this the recommended system requirements are:

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7

CPU: AMD Phenom II / Intel Core i7


HDD: 15 GB Hard Drive Space

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series

Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

DirectX 11

How to cheat in DiRT 3 on PC

One of the trainers that can be used to cheat DiRT 3 is available for download on DLH.net. The trainer allows players to increase the amount of Gymkhana points, to use as many flashbacks as they want, or to freeze their opponents.

It is important to know that the trainer was developed for the retail version of DiRT 3, and it was tested on version 1.0. To activate the DiRT 3 trainer and use the cheat codes (cheats) revealed below, players should follow these steps:

Download the DiRT 3 trainer from DLH.net

Extract all files included in the Dirt_3_ALL_VERSIONS_+_7_Trainer.rar archive

Copy the files in the game’s directory

Run the trainer

Launch the game

DiRT 3 for PC Cheat Codes (Cheats)

While the trainer runs in the background, enter the game, and press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding DiRT 3 cheat code:

INSERT – Enable the DiRT 3 trainer

NUMPAD1 – Unlimited DiRT 3 Flashbacks

NUMPAD2 – Freeze DiRT 3 timers

NUMPAD3 – Unfreeze DiRT 3 timers

NUMPAD4 – Super acceleration ON

NUMPAD5 – Reset acceleration

NUMPAD6 – Freeze all opponents

NUMPAD7 – Unfreeze all opponents

NUMPAD8 – Destroy the timers of your opponents

NUMPAD9 – Auto speed

NUMPAD0 – Increase the number of your DiRT 3 Gymkhana points

HOME – Disable all cheats

DiRT 3 Cheats and Trainers
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