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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mission 7 eBooks Location Guide

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mission 7 includes 12 eBooks collectibles required for the Tablet Collector achievement/trophy and the following text guide reveals their exact locations.

It is the 6th part of our complete Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks locations guide, and just like the previous parts, it includes screenshots and tips that will eventually help you find the eBooks collectibles when you play The Rucker Extraction mission.

Unlike Mission 5, The Rucker Extraction, or Mission 7 takes place in Golem City.  While some of the eBooks in Golem City are easier to find, one of them is quite hard to get because it is related to the choices you make during a dialogue.

In other words, if you don’t make the proper choices, you won’t be able to get the eBook in Golem City, simply because you won’t be able to access its location.

If you used our text guide to find the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks in Prague when you first visit the city, you already know that for most eBooks we provide two pictures. The first one is a screenshot of the map showing a starting point.

Using the starting point and the instructions we provide for each eBook, you will be able to find your way to the collectible you are looking for. The actual location of the collectable is revealed in the second image.

eBook #40 – Pride in Prejudice

The first eBook you should find in Golem City is Pride in Prejudice. Look for it when you search for Sokol’s apartment inside the Utulek Complex.

As you can see in the first picture below, our starting point is Level 5 in the complex.

From this location, move forward and follow the stairs down. Continue to move down and cross the large chamber until you reach several people arguing. On your left side, around the corner you should see a white door with a blue window frame.

Open it, and in the next room, on the right side, is a small desk and on it the first Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook in Golem City (also pictured below).

eBook #41 – Collapse of an Industry

After you get the previous collectable, while still in Utulek Complex, head to level 2, in the restricted area (first picture).

Position Adam as you see in the screenshot, and notice that while facing the stairs on your right side is a door with security bars.

Use Glass Shield to avoid triggering the alarm and cross the room behind the bars. On the other side, open the door, and look on the poker table on the right side for the collectible.

eBook #42 – Flesh and Chrome, Chapter 9

For the third Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook in Golem City we will use the same starting point as the one used above.

This time; however, instead of going through the gate with security bars, we follow the nearby stairs and go up.

On top of the stairs you should see a green sign on which you can read Sterdy Market. Head right and cross the next room until you see a new set of stairs. Instead of following the stairs, turn right, and in the next room look on the left wall around the corner to spot another desk and the eBook.

eBook 4

eBook #43 – Santeau Rise of Corpo-Nation, Growth

After you get the previous collectible, go to level 4 of the building and while in the Sterdy Market, place Adam in the same position as you can see in the first screenshot below.

From there, simply cross the market and locate a stand named Samoobsluh. In front of it there are several tables and the eBook you are looking for (also pictured below).

eBook #44 – Global Politics Review (2029 Edition), Chapter 1

Immediately after you get the previous collectible, turn around and follow the stairs on the right side. Go up one level, turn left and enter the dormitory in front of you.

On a bed you will see the 44th Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook.

eBook 44

eBook #45 – Promise of a Better Life!

Once you find the eBook above, head back to the level below (where eBook #43 was located), and cross the plaza looking for several stairs on the left side.

These stairs will take you the lower level where you should see many stands with vegetables.

In the middle of the room is a stand on which you will see the eBook.

eBook 45

eBook #46 – Two Bloody Cheeks

Next, we continue from the previous collectible, and look for a set of stairs nearby.

Follow them up looking for a door on the right side of the staircase. It’s the first door you see while moving up.

Open it, and in the first room, close to a laptop is the eBook named Two Bloody Cheeks.

eBook 46

eBook #47 – The Sleepwalking World (Wake Up!)

The 47th eBook in Golem City is inside the RVAC Row building. Be careful because you need to reach level 2 and the whole level is a restricted area.

Our starting point for this building is the eastern part of the Commissary area, as you can see in the picture below.

From here, we climb the ladder on the right side of the room, and follow the stairs to the right. The Glass Shield will help you get through the security bars, and then you turn left. Cross the room with the washing machines and enter through the door on the right side.

In the next room, check the working bench to your left (also pictured).

eBook #48 – The Inconvenient Aug, Chapter 17

For the next collectible you need to reach the Ridit Station building. Once inside, go to Level 2, and make sure you stay close to the stairs in the middle (as pictured below).

Now, move forward and when you get to the security bars, turn left.

Continue to move forward through the door that leads to section 7 (there is a big 7 on the wall next to the said door), and turn left.

When you enter in the next room, check the second desk on the left side for the eBook.

eBook #49 – The Inconvenient Aug, Chapter 12

From the previous collectible, retrace your steps and cross the ledge between the next rooms, then turn right.

Go all the way back to the red security bars mentioned above and step through them using Glass Shield.

Now, open the door to the first room on the right, and check the desk in front of you for the eBook.

eBook 49

eBook #50 – The Inconvenient Aug, Chapter 2

The 50th Deus Ex: Mankind Divided collectible is in the building named Ty Zahrada, and you will get it while looking for a way to confront Talos Rucker.

The collectible is located at level 6, and the starting point is pictured below.

So, head forward and confront Talos Rucker, but make sure you make the following choices: Turn Tables, Patronize, Justify and Turn Tables.

If you don’t make the same choices, you will not be able to get the collectible.

After the dialogue, turn left in Rucker’s office and go through the door to enter a smaller room. Check the red couch for the eBook.

eBook #51 – Talos Rucker, an Autobiography, Chapter 4

The last collectable in Golem City is also the easiest to find.

Once you get the previous one, exit the room, and turn right. Advance and check the desk near the main door, on the right (see picture).

Now that you have found all Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Golem City eBooks, you will return to Prague again. More eBooks can be found during your second visit to Prague.

eBook 51
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