Deus Ex Mankind eBook 75 Location

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mission 15 eBooks Locations Guide

The final 3 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks required for the Tablet Collector achievement (trophy) are located in London and can be retrieved while playing Mission 15: Securing the Convention Centre.

The following guide is the final part in our complete Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks locations tutorial, we have created for those who wish to find all eBooks in the video game.

If you followed our extensive guide from the first mission in Dubai, and all the way to the third visit in Prague, then you are three eBooks away from unlocking the Tablet Collector.

All that’s left to do now, is to use the hints, tips and images below to find the last 3 eBooks.

eBook #73 – Tarvos Mission Statement & Company Bio

The first eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mission 15 can be found on Level 7 of the Apex Centre.

Our starting point (pictured below) is in the lobby west from the elevator.

Place Adam in the exact position as the one in the screenshot, and go left around the security office, to enter Security Room A.

Hack the door, and inside security Room A, check the office on the other side of the room (right near the window as pictured below).

eBook #74 – Port in a Storm

From the previous eBook, take the elevator down to the reception area.

When you exit the elevator, heard right and move towards the Reception Hall. Jump to the lower level, and move past the large letters forming the words Safe Harbour.

The letters should be on your right side.

Continue to move forward, following the stairs down, and on the other side of the bar, follow the next set of stairs.

Now, turn right and you should see a DJ and a large monitor behind him.

Move behind the DJ, towards the windows and on your right side you will see a yellow couch and the eBook you are looking for.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 73 Location
eBook 74

eBook #75 – Santeau – Rise of a Corpo-Nation (Future Vision)

Once you get the previous collectible, remain in the area, turn left and stay close to the window moving forward. On the other side of the hall is a guard you have to kill in order to get the Security Stash Keycard.

Get the said Keycard, then cross the room moving forward towards the large billboard on which you can read Welcome to Rabi’a.

Jump on the staircase above the billboard, and follow the stairs up one level. When you reach the top you will see a door which allows you to enter the maintenance office.

Open the door and follow the main corridor looking for a door on your right side on which you can read Catering Area.

Inside the next room, choose to save the delegates, then move forward the other side and head right through the next door.

Now, follow the stairs to the left and move towards the Meeting Rooms.

Continue to move down the main corridor until you see a yellow couch (right side), then immediately take a right turn.

Several steps away you will see some stairs leading up and another yellow couch (left side, near the window).

Follow the stairs up, then move down through the red security bars, then immediately turn right and take the elevator to the VIP Room.

At the end of the next corridor, open the door using code 2202, and check the round tables for the eBook (pictured below).

This is the final eBook you need to find and the last one included in our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks locations guide. If you need help to finish Mission 15 on stealth, check our YouTube walkthrough.

Deus Ex Mankind eBook 75 Location
eBook 75
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