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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mission 13 eBooks Locations Guide

Only 3 eBooks collectibles can be found while playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mission 13 also known as GARM and the following guide reveals their locations in order to help you unlock the Tablet Collector trophy/achievement.

It is the 8th part of our extensive Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBooks locations guide and similar to all previous parts it offers a series of hints and images, that will lead you to the eBooks you need to find.

If you retrieved all eBooks in Mission 12, as well as those available in Prague during your second visit, now you can focus on finding the collectibles in GARM mission.

The GARM facility is very well protected, so make sure you save your game after each eBook you find.

Before starting this mission it’s imperative to finish Side Mission 10, and more important you have to exonerate Gunn and Radko.

Furthermore, you have to complete all objectives while playing Side Mission 10: The Harvester, because you won’t be able to get the eBooks during your third visit to Prague.

All these must be completed before Mission 13.

Since there are only 3 eBooks available in this mission our text guide will be shorter. Keep in mind that after you leave the compound you won’t be able to return; therefore, don’t complete the final objective before finding the following eBooks.

eBook #68 – Billion Dollar Daydreams

Your starting point for eBook 68 in Mission 13 is outside GARM Facility (first picture below).

Position Adam as you see in the first screenshot and move forward looking for a switch on the left side of the building (picture 2 below).

Now open the airshaft grate nearby and follow the tunnels that will lead to a smaller room.

Climb the ladder, and in the next room turn around and check the large office in the middle to see the eBook (third image).

eBook #69 – City as Product

For the second Deus Ex: Mankind Divided eBook in Mission 13, as you can see in the first screenshot below, you have to be inside the facility (Hangar 1, Level 1).

From the position in the image, move forward and follow the stairs all the way up.

When you reach the top, open the door nearby, and in the next room, turn left and check the desk with a laptop on it to find the City as Product eBook.

eBook #70 – Jus in Bello

The third and final eBook in Mission 13 is also on Level 1, but in Hangar 2.

Observe in the screenshot below that we start looking for it while standing in front of the large chamber in the north-western part of the hangar.

Enter the said chamber, go around the guards (or kill them), and on the other side look for a working table with a fire extinguisher on it.

The eBook is nearby, as you can see below.

After you finish this mission, you will return to Prague for the third time and two additional eBooks are now available. If you intend to play Mission 13 on stealth, you can watch our YouTube video walkthrough.

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