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Deus Ex Human Revolution Game Guide: Weapons List

Most weapons available in Deus Ex Human Revolution support upgrades, which may be used to increase their effectiveness in combat and to modify their attributes.

If some of these weapons are used in combination with the cranium augmentations, they can become even more effective, allowing players to kill their opponents silently from distance.

Deus Ex Human Revolution features a wide range of weapons and weapon upgrades but not all of them are available in the beginning of the game.

Some weapons can be picked up from enemies, while others can be found in specific locations.

A weapon can be upgraded from the character’s inventory, but only if the player has acquired the upgrade he wishes to apply.

The full list of weapons that can be equipped by Adam Jensen, the main character in Deus Ex Human Revolution is presented in the game guide below. The weapons were divided in three major categories, such as handguns, rifles and heavy weapons.

The video game guide offers detailed information regarding each weapon, explaining where to find some of them, who manufactured them in the game and what type of ammunition can be used by players.


One of the handguns available in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the Diamond Back .357. It is a revolver manufactured by Mustang Arms Ad-Tech Ltd. and it can carry up to 8 rounds per magazine. The Diamond Back .357 can use normal or explosive shells, and it inflicts massive damage, but the fire rate is medium, while the reload speed is slow.

The Pulsed Energy Projection System, also known as P.E.P.S is a non-lethal weapon that can be found in Detroit area, at the Police Station. The P.E.P.S fires invisible energy beams instead of bullets, and neutralizes the target by causing a small electromagnetic explosion that damages the nerves of any human opponent. TheP.E.P.S is equipped with a magazine that can hold only one energy cell.

The HawkEye Xbow XH-II or the Xbow XHII is a compact and light crossbow, and a useful weapon in stealth missions. The crossbow fires golden arrows manufactured by Kaiga Ltd, but the weapon is manufactured by Stasiuk Arms Inc. An interesting fact is that in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, players who use this weapon are able to gather the arrows they fire, if the targets have been successfully eliminated.

The Zenith pistol is a weapon manufactured by Steiner Bisley, and is an ergonomic handgun which can be equipped with a suppressor. A Zenith is also compatible with other upgrades, such as laser sights or larger magazines; however, the standard magazine can hold only 10 rounds.

Another non-lethal featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the video game, is the Stun Gun, also known as the Buzzkill TND. Manufactured by Mustang Arms Ad-Tech Ltd, the Stun Gun should be used only in medium or short range encounters to avoid “unpleasant” situations. The Stun Gun has a low rate of fire, but it can be used to disable surveillance cameras and turrets.


The Sanction Flechette Rifle (aka FR-27 SFR) is a combat rifle manufactured by Steiner Bisley. It is the first combat rifle that appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and it can carry up to 10 rounds per magazine, without any upgrades attached. The FR-27 SFR is a weapon used especially by mercenaries, and its rate of fire, ammo capacity and damage can be improved by using various upgrades.

The Huntsman Silverback is a shotgun, that can be accessed directly only by those players who have purchased the Deus Ex: Human Revolution booster pack. It inflicts massive damage, because it features two barrels and both of them fire at the same time. Players and fans of the game should know that the Huntsman Silverback can’t be upgraded.

The Tactical Machine Pistol 18 (aka. Hurricane TMP-18) is a SMG (submachine gun) manufactured by Stasiuk Arms Inc. The Hurricane TMP-18 fires 9mm bullets and is equipped with a standard magazine that can hold up to 20 round; however the magazine’s capacity can be increased by applying the corresponding upgrade.

Another rifle available in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the Longsword Whisperhead Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper Rifle (abbreviated SERSR). Manufactured by Steiner Bisley, the Longsword Whisperhead is a long-range sniper rifle equipped with a sound suppressor.

It is an effective weapon, but it can’t be upgraded and is available only to those players who have pre-ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

A sniper rifle that can be accessed by all Deus Ex: Human Revolution fans and players is the Longsword 202 ERaSeR, also known as SS – AP5. It is a semi-automatic weapon manufactured by Steiner Bisley, and features a magazine that can carry up to 5 rounds. This sniper rifle uses the same ammo as the Longsword Whisperhead.

The Widowmaker TX is a semi-automatic shotgun equipped with a standard magazine that can carry up to 16 rounds.

Manufacture by the Military Arms of Ostrava, the Widowmaker TX is, as most shotguns, effective in short range fights; and unlike other weapons available in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it features two firing modes. The second mode allows the user to fire two shells at the same time.

A non-lethal rifle featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the PAX-22, or the PAX-22 Tranquilizer Rifle. The weapon is manufactured by the Military Arms of Ostrava and it fires darts manufactured by Kaiga Inc. Each dart contains a mixture of chemical substances and other pharmaceuticals, such as Diazepam and Morphine. The PAX-22 is equipped with a scope similar to the one used on the HawkEye Xbow XH-II.

Heavy Weapons

The Man Portable Rocket System (also known as the 329-Series MPRS) is a heavy weapon developed by Steiner Bisley. The rocket launcher can be used in different missions, and depending on the goal of each mission it can be upgraded in order to fire various types of rockets, such as anti-tank rockets or high-explosive rockets. The 329-Series MPRS supports a laser targeting upgrade used to guide flying rockets.

Developed by Kaiga Inc. Ltd. the 5.56mm M404 Heavy Rifle is a powerful machine gun, equipped with rotating barrels that provide a high rate of fire. The weapon uses 5.56x45mm rounds and it is gas-operated.

The Kaiga 5.56mm M404 Heavy Rifle is the heaviest weapon in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The LGTM Linebacker G-87 is the grenade launcher available in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This weapon is manufactured by Steiner Bisley, but it can be accessed only in the pre-ordered versions of the game, as a bonus weapon. It can’t be upgraded and it fires 40mm grenades, stored in a 6 rounds magazine.

One of the rarest weapons in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the LS-66 Sabre Direct Energy Rifle. Practically, this weapon fires energy beams, and because of this, it can also fire through walls. If this weapon is used in combination with the, it can be deadly, and the player can clear a room without entering it.

The Hi-NRG Plasma Lance from Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a next-gen weapon that fires bolts of plasma. The weapon can inflict massive damage even to heavily armored targets that will be disintegrated.

The weapon has limited range and slow fire rate.

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