Deus Ex: Human Revolution Cheats and Trainers

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Cheats and Trainers

Our Deus Ex: Human Revolution cheating guide can be used by those players who wish to cheat while playing the game on PC.

The cheating method requires a mega-trainer that can be downloaded for free from several websites.

The guide explains where to find the Deus Ex: Human Revolution megatrainer, how to install it, and how to activate its options that act like cheat codes.

How to cheat in Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PC

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution trainer required to use the cheat codes below can be found on

Players, who decide to use it, can download it for free; however several steps must be followed in order to gain access to the options (in-game advantages) it has to offer.

To successfully install the Deus Ex: Human Revolution trainer, players should:

Download the trainer from

Extract all files included in the de_hr_v1.0_trn+11.rar archive

Copy the files in the game’s directory

Run the trainer

Launch the game

The archive contains two trainers. One is for Deus Ex: Human Revolution v1.0.618.8, and the other one is for Deus Ex: Human Revolution v1.1.622.0.

Both trainers activate the same options, but users should check the game version they play, before running them.

Additionally, players should know that these trainers may also work on other versions of the game, however they can’t be used to cheat in DeusEx Human Revolution: Missing Link DLC.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PC Cheat Codes (Cheats)

When the game starts, press the following keys to activate the corresponding Deus Ex: Human Revolution cheats:

Numpad1 – Grants unlimited ammo for all weapons

Numpad2 – No reload required

Numpad3 – Grants unlimited health (Set this option ON/OFF from the trainer’s interface)

Numpad+ – Maximum power increased by 100

Numpad4 – One hit kill

Numpad5 – Instantly adds experience points (0-999) – Set the amount of points from the trainer’s interface

Numpad6 – Instantly adds credits (0-9999) – Set the amount of points from the trainer’s interface

Numpad7 – Instantly adds praxis points (0-99) – Set the amount of points from the trainer’s interface

Numpad8 – Grants unlimited stamina

Numpad9 – Grants unlimited battery power

Numpad0 – No hacking time limit

The trainer’s interface also allows you to switch OFF the hit indicator, and the shaking of the screen when Adam gets hit.

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