Some dude posing with a gun in Destiny 2. This shit looks awesome? I'm so mad.

Three of Coins: Bungie’s Newest Bungle in Destiny 2

A new item called the Three of Coins, introduced to Destiny 2 over the weekend, has caused controversy. The Three of Coins was supposed to buff player’s chances of earning a coveted Exotic Engram. Does it? In a word, no. Not only does the item not work as claimed – providing a laughably small buff to a player’s base chance of getting a good drop – but it also straight up doesn’t work at all.

Confidence in Bungie has dropped to an all-time low among even their most dedicated users. Just a few weeks ago, the company cancelled a livestream event when it came out they had secretly implemented an XP cap to pressure players into purchasing in-game microtransactions with real world cash.

Somebody with a big blue glowy thing fighting somebody else in Destiny 2. I ain't never played Destiny 2 and you know what? No I never will. Fuck y'all.
How could a game that looks this cool suck this hard? Corporate greed, that’s how.

All this combined with disappointment in the newest expansion has led to rapidly-declining interest in the game. Game director Luke Smith has promised fixes – Bungie, too, has promised various improvements. But it may come as too little, too late. Bungie has proven repeatedly that they can not to be trusted to deliver a quality gaming experience, even to users who have already given them a hefty heap of cash.

Destiny 2 is one of many games in the spotlight now as being emblematic of game industry greed. No longer content to create a game worthy of its price, developers have seized on the idea of economizing on every aspect of a game experience in order to drain once-fervent audiences of money. At this rate, Destiny 2 could join Star Wars Battlefront in its grisly fate: roasted on a pyre of its own hubris.

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