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Deadpool Video Game Weapons Guide

Deadpool, the video game, features 11 weapons that can be used by the players who have purchased the title developed by High Moon Studios for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

The following Deadpool video game guide, reveals the complete list of weapons that can be unlocked throughout the game, and also provides hints and tips on how to use them in order to complete all Deadpool challenges, as well as the game.

The weapons included in the video game, are divided in three categories: melee weapons, ranged weapons and throwing weapons.

The first category includes  three weapons: the Beauroyre Blades, the Bang Lee Sais and the K-Soh 20Lb. Hammers; while the second category includes four weapons: the DT 1981s, the Kingmaker Shotguns, the Nuthals 220s, and the Harrison CLS. Pulse Rifles.

The final category also includes four throwing weapons: Flashbang Grenades, Frag Grenades, Bear Traps and Land Mines.

All weapons in Deadpool the videogame can be upgraded to improve their stats, the sole exception being the throwing weapons. To increase a weapon’s efficiency; however, players need to buy it first, and then unlock its upgrades using DP Points.

An important aspect that must be mentioned, is that new upgrades can be unlocked only if Deadpool kills a specific number of enemies with a weapon. In other words, those who wish to unlock all upgrades for Deadpool’s Beauroyre Blades must use them as much as possible.

Furthermore, players should be aware because some weapons in the video game have increased damage, but low speed, allowing Deadpool to take out enemies faster without getting high combo scores. Since the combo scores award DP Point, players will have to constantly switch between Deadpool’s weapons and adopt different strategies, based on the enemies they encounter.

A good idea is to unlock and upgrade all weapons, by completing the game once, before attempting to beat the challenges, since most of them can be quite difficult to finish without the proper improvements.

For upgrading all weapons in the video-game players will also unlock the Drunk On Power achievement/trophy.

Beauroyre Blades

“Weaponry courtesy of: Stephane Bayonets. Good balance between combos and kills. Quick, but not too quick. Strong, but not too strong.”

When to use: The Beauroyre Blades are Deadpool’s default melee weapons. The swords are available from the beginning and can be used in story mode to perform medium combos while dealing medium damage at the same time. On bosses or other armored enemies; however, they should be replaced with the sledgehammers.

Bang Lee Sais

“Weaponry courtesy of: Imes Tactical Oddities. Great for combos! Upgrade them to make enemies bleed real, blood! Fast and dangerous, like unprotected whoopee on prom night. #Yolo “

When to use: The Sais can be purchased in the armory and they are Deadpool’s fastest melee weapons. Even if the Sais inflict low damage, because of their speed, they can help Deadpool perform a large number of chained combos required to increase the number of DP Points.

The Sais should be used on weak enemies, to unlock new weapons and upgrades. They are also useful while trying to set a high score during a challenge, but only when fighting against the first waves of enemies. Later, they should be replaced with Deadpool’s blades.

K-Soh 20 LB. Hammers

“Weaponry courtesy of: Potter’s Custom Sledges. Good for killing but not for high combos. Knocks the meat out of bitches like a train. This should be banned from TV.”

When to use: The K-Soh 20LB. Hammers sacrifice speed for damage; therefore, you should use them only when you try to defeat armored enemies or bosses.

These weapons should be your first choice when you work on unlocking the final level of a challenge, since you will have to kill all opponents before the time runs out; which means that surviving is more important than the score you get.

After you complete a challenge on the highest difficulty (gold) you can replay it without having the worry about the timer, and you can focus on getting a high score, using the Sais, or Deadpool’s blades.

DT 1981S

“Weaponry courtesy of: Lucy’s Famous Handguns. Good for headshots, good for combos.  Your trusty sidearms; don’t leave home without them.”

When to use: The DT 1981s are Deadpool’s default ranged weapons. In story mode, you can use them until you unlock the Nuthals 220s, which are the improved version of the DT 1981s.

They have balanced damage and you will be able to perform medium combos; however, when you unlock and upgrade the Nuthals 220s, and the pulse rifle, they should be your first choices.

Kingmaker Shotguns

“Weaponry courtesy of: Ahmed & Asbill Systems. Not so hot at long range…decent combos…useful for weddings. Short range messmakers, shop smart!”

When to use: More powerful than the DT 1981s, the Kingmaker Shotgun has increased damage, but low accuracy.

The medium speed can help you get a decent number of combos; but, this weapon should only be used when you run out of ammo on your pulse rifle, and if you fight a large number of enemies.

Nuthals 220S

“Weaponry courtesy of: The Castro Bros. These build combos like 9mm meat tenderizers, don’t sweat the recoil. They spit hot fire, ya understand?”

When to use: Deadpool’s Nuthals 220s are the improved versions of the DT 1981s. Featuring increased fire rate and no recoil, the Nuthals should be your first choice  if you want to get a high-score in the videogame; but you should replace them with the pulse rifle if you encounter a strong enemy, or if you want to complete all challenges on gold difficulty.

Harrison Cls. Pulse Rifles

“Weaponry courtesy of: Spier Pulsonic Weapons Est. 2143 Cuts combos short, because clones go bye-bye. Cable gave me these once…Once!”

When to use: Similar to the sledgehammers, the Harrison Cls. Pulse Riffles have increased damage and medium speed.

If you fully upgrade them, the pulse riffles should become your default ranged weapons if you want to beat all challenges, because they also have increased accuracy that can help you take out enemies from distance and save time.

Furthermore, the pulse rifle has an alternate fire mode you can activate by keeping the right trigger pulled for at least three seconds, to deal more damage to all enemies.

Flashbang Grenades

“Weaponry courtesy of: Boyd-Wilson-Hart Tactical Explosives. Stop enemies from attacking you with the flashing and the banging.”

When to use: Whenever you fight against a large group of enemies, and you wish to get a high combo, you can throw a Flashbang grenade to stun them.

This type of grenades is also useful if you want to blind an opponent, until you have enough time to deal with it, but you have to be aware that the Flashbang grenades deal a small amount of damage.

Frag Grenades

“Weaponry courtesy of: Tamayo’s PMC Supplies. Like little bundles of lots of M-80s. Cook them to give your enemies a surprise!”

When to use: Unlike the Flashbang grenades, the Frag grenades inflict massive damage and can kill an entire group of enemies. They should also be your first choice when you fight against bosses, or the large enemies that leap towards you.

If you have enough Frag grenades, and you wish to complete a gold challenge, you should look for a strategic point (such as a corridor or a tunnel), where your opponents will follow you; thus allowing Deadpool to hit all of them with a single grenade. The strategy works on most challenges.

Bear Traps

“Weaponry courtesy of: Miller’s Hand-Forged Traps. Traps all ground enemies, great for bigguns! Trapped enemies bleed out!”

When to use: The bear traps Deadpool can throw, allow him to stun enemies, freezing them in place. The targets bleed continuously, without moving; therefore, a bear trap can be a powerful weapon if you wish to get a high-score, or if you want to simply kill an enemy without taking any damage. A bear trap can stun only one opponent, and it will disappear once the enemy dies.

The bear traps can be used in various ways. You can trap an enemy and take him out from distance, you can kill him with a grenade when other opponents are near him, or you can trap him and then melee him using Deadpool’s Sais, for a high score.

Land Mines

“Weaponry courtesy of: Davis-Kersey Defenses. Throw them like rose petals at the feet of your enemies. Use them during evades to replace enemies with red mist.”

When to use: While playing the challenges in Deadpool, the video game, you have the chance to create safety zones using land-mines. On gold difficulty, a safety zone can help Deadpool survive against groups of enemies, by killing them with a single land mine; thus saving precious time.

To create such a zone, you have to look for a place with a single entrance, such as a corridor, a chamber, or a balcony. Place the mines (or bear traps) at the entrance, then wait for your opponents to arrive, and focus on those who get close to you.

Deadpool Video Game Guides
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