Deadpool Cheats and Trainers

Deadpool Cheats and Trainers

For Deadpool, the video game published by Activision, provides a free PC trainer that allows players to cheat the game, by activating up to six different cheat codes.

The trainer was developed exclusively for the PC version of the videogame and it won’t work on other platforms, such as PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

Furthermore, the free Deadpool trainer from was tested on v1.0, which means that it might crash on other versions of the video game.

Nevertheless, those who wish to try it in order to get unlimited health and DP points to upgrade all of Deadpool’s weapons, must be aware that some antivirus programs may report the trainer as harmful and block it.

Released on June 25, 2013 in US, and June 28, 2013 in Europe, Deadpool is an action-adventure hack-and-slash video game centered on the Marvel Comics character who debuted in 1991, and known as Deadpool.

The mercenary kidnaps the employees working at High Moon Studios and asks them to make the greatest video game of all time, having him as the main character.

As the game begins, Deadpool is sent to kill Chance White a media mogul, but his attempt is stopped by Mister Sinister, which costs Deadpool an important amount of money.

The mercenary seeks revenge on Sinister, and eventually he is recruited by the X-men team of superheroes. Alongside Rouge, Wolverine, Domino and Psylocke, Deadpool travels to Genosha where he must find and deal with Sinister.

Deadpool is a character well known for his humor, and the videogame retains this aspect, providing multiple amusing dialogues and lines that define the masked hero. Players control Deadpool from a third person perspective, and have access to a vast number of weapons and skills.

New upgrades for Deadpool can be unlocked by earning DP points through combat, or by completing a series of challenges that become available after players complete specific episodes in story mode.

The video game also includes 50 Xbox 360 achievements and 50 PS3 trophies.

After its official release, the Deadpool video game received mixed scores from critics, most of them praising the game’s hilarious moments, while criticizing its repetitive combat moments.

Both IGN and Eurogamer awarded 6 points out of 10, while on GameTrailers; the title received a score of 5.5/10.

Deadpool PC Trainer

All Deadpool cheats for PC listed below can be activated using the free trainer provided by

To use the trainer while playing Deadpool, the video game, players need to download, install, and run the program during the game:

Download the free Deadpool trainer for PC, from and unpack the files included in deadpool_v1.0_trn+6.rar.

Copy or move all files to the game’s directory.

Run the trainer, followed by the game.

After the game loads, while the trainer runs in background, press the following keys to trigger the corresponding Deadpool cheat codes.

Deadpool PC Cheats

F1 – Unlimited ammo

F2 – Infinite health (God Mode)

F3 – One hit kills

F4 – Infinite DP (Deadpool Points)

F5 – Super jump

F6 – Flying On/Off

Deadpool Cheats and Trainers
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