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Up to 10 Deadpool challenges can be unlocked by those who purchase the video game developed by High Moon Studios, along with the Deadpool Merc with a Map Pack DLC, and only eight challenges by those who play the base version of the video game.

Our Deadpool: The Game guide below explains how to complete all challenges, through a series of hints and tips players can use if they want to unlock all difficulties.

The game guide explains what weapons you should use to take out all waves of enemies, and it also provides a playlist containing video walkthroughs for all challenges in Deadpool, the video game.

The challenges are short missions in which, the main character must defeat waves of enemies, before the time runs out. A challenge in Deadpool: The Game features three levels of difficulty: bronze, silver and gold.

The amount of time, the number of enemies and the overall difficulty, increase exponentially; meaning that on bronze difficulty, the enemies are easy to defeat, while on gold difficulty, their number and strength increase.

Players can’t attend a gold challenge without completing it on bronze and silver, which means that the gold difficulty level is the highest. As a bonus for completing a challenge on gold difficulty, players will unlock a new mode, which allows them to stand against unlimited number of waves without having to worry about the timer. In this mode, Deadpool wears various costumes, most of them from the Marvel comics.

The goal of these challenges is to unlock the last mode, because its difficulty increases gradually, with each wave; thus, players can achieve high-scores that can be saved on the leaderboards.

But the challenges in Deadpool should also be completed but those who need additional DP Points to unlock new weapons and all upgrades, or by those who wish to get the corresponding achievements and trophies.

Great White News HQ

“Clash with Sinister’s clones on the rooftop of the Gwn HQ. Beat “Job One” to unlock!”

Infinite mode costume: Ballerina-Pool from “Deadpool (2008) #58”

How to complete: Assuming that you have unlocked the gold difficulty on the Great White News HQ map, you already know where the enemies spawn; therefore they won’t surprise you.

To complete the challenge on gold difficulty, you should use the K-Soh 20 LB. Hammers and the Harrison Cls. Pulse Rifles. When the first wave starts, keep them at bay shooting them before they jump down from the crates near the starting point.

Use the same strategy for the second wave, and if the enemies surround you, move towards the other side of the arena and pay close attention to the right side for some stairs that will take you up to a helipad. This area can be turned into safety zone, because it is large enough to allow you to move around, and if features only one entrance (the stairs).

Additionally, on the helipad the ammo spawns constantly. After, the second wave, place mines and bear traps on the stairs to stop the enemies. Save Deadpool’s finishing move to unleash them on the large brutes that will attack you. Start throwing grenades as soon as you see the first opponent entering the helipad. 

Beneath the Streets

“Fight mutants and clones in a maze of sewer tunnels. A Cowabunga!  Beat ”Taking a Chance” to unlock!”

Infinite mode costume: X-Men Costume from ”Deadpool (2008) #17”

How to complete: When you start Beneath the Streets on gold difficulty, follow the main tunnel; head right and then left, following the stairs that will lead you to the second floor.

You will find yourself on a large corridor and in front of you is a door. Enemies will come through the door on the other side; however, some of them may fall and they will go back up, using the same stairs as you; thus they might attack you from behind. On the said corridor you have to make your stand.

Place mines and bear traps near the door on the opposite side, then focus on the enemies that escape. You won’t fight any large brutes during this challenge. After each wave, you should restock on frag grenades and mines. You will find them in the tunnel right below you. Make sure you save your finishing moves for the third wave. 

The Watching Sentinel

“A broken sentinel watches over this claustrophobic run-off collection tank. Beat ”Genosha” to unlock!”

Infinite mode costume: Classic Deadpool

How to complete: Deadpool The Watching Sentinel challenge take place in a round arena and it can be quite difficult to beat on gold difficulty. The clones will enter through the sewers above; but be careful because the groups are divided.

When you see a group, know that the remaining clones are already behind you. Use the hammers and the pulse rifle during the second wave without wasting the finishing moves. After the first wave, place mines in the middle of the arena and move around them so the enemies can follow you and step on them. Restock and use the same strategy for the third wave, because you will also encounter several leaping brutes. If they survive finish them with Deadpool’s momentum combos. 

Magneto’s Prison

“Struggle against the oppressive corridors of an underground prison facility.  Beat ”Landed in Prison” to unlock!”

Infinite mode costume: Le Maid Francais

How to complete: Magneto’s Prison challenge featured in Deadpool the video game, is also a tricky one, if you wish to complete it on gold difficulty, because the action takes place on the corridors of a prison, and enemies will come from multiple directions.

The weapons you should use are the K-Soh 20 LB. Hammers, because of their powerful finishing attacks, the Harrison Cls. Pulse Rifles, because they allow you to take out the ranged opponents with a single shot; and the Kingmaker Shotguns, if you run out of ammo, or you are facing groups of enemies. A good strategy during the third wave is to place landmines in front of you, and then teleport before the enemies reach them, to avoid the damage inflicted by your own mines.

Additionally, you should use as many grenades as you can, since the corridors force your opponents to form compact groups. 

Deadpool’s Carnivale

“Enter Deadpool’s own masochist carnival nightmare. Glimpse the insanity that bubbles beneath the mask.  Beat ”Death, Baby” to unlock!”

Infinite mode costume: A Pirate Hat…Arrr!

How to complete: Deadpool’s Carnivale can’t be played on gold, since the infinite difficulty is unlocked automatically, after you complete ”Death, Baby”.

Catacombs of Genosha

“Ancient tombs of Genoshan relics surround you thousands of feet under Genosha. Beat ”Death, Baby” to unlock!”

Infinite mode costume: Ultimate Deadpool

How to complete: When you play the Catacombs of Genosha challenge, on gold difficulty, you can beat it faster if you reach the other side of the cave, where you can stop the enemies from surrounding you. As soon as you start the challenge, head right around the projectors, then left.

Move up, towards the small hill and go around the first arcade, to the right. Eventually you will follow three stairs up, and reach a dead end. Use the pulse rifles to take out the first wave, then place bear traps near the stairs, for the second wave.

When the third wave starts, place land mines on the same stairs, because a leaping brute will attack you. Throw grenades as soon as you see the brute and then take out the remaining clones, using the finishing momentum moves.

Office Spaces

“Battle between the destroyed facades of two broken office buildings. Beat ”The Road to Victory” to unlock!”

Infinite mode costume: X-Men Costume from ”Cable and Deadpool #8”

How to complete: Office Spaces is probably the easiest Deadpool video game challenge because you can use various methods to take out your enemies. When you start the challenge, you can remain in the starting position and teleport over the gap between the two balconies, if the enemies surround you.

You can also defend the top of the stairs by placing mines and traps in the dead end to the left; or you can simply head to the other side of the map and defend the second floor of the building, forcing the clones to follow the stairs up, since the stairs are the only way to get close to you.

Citadel Courtyard

“Blast back enemies in the shadow of the mighty citadel Magneto once ruled from. Beat ”Front Gates of Eeeeevil!” to unlock!”

Infinite mode costume: Chef Deadpool

How to complete: Unlike the previous Deadpool challenge, the Citadel Courtyard is more difficult, because on gold difficulty it includes multiple large clones that are hard to kill. To complete it, as soon as you assume control over Deadpool, enter the room on the right side of the courtyard, and follow the stairs up, placing mines and traps as you move to the second floor.

On top of the stairs you will make your stand, using the pulse riffles and the hammers. The enemies will come from the room below, so if you look downstairs and to the right you should see some ammo. Restock after each wave, and replace the traps or the mines.

Save your grenades for the final wave to take out the large leaping clones. If you run out of grenades, active Deadpool’s hammer finishing move and rush down the stairs because the brutes won’t have enough space to avoid your attacks.

GRT Plaza

“Smash the clone hordes in the plaza of Genoshan rapid transit facility.”

Purchase Deadpool Merc with a Map Pack DLC to unlock.

Infinite mode costume: Uncanny X-Force

How to complete: The Deadpool Grt Plaza Dlc challenge can be completed faster by defending the starting zone, which is a small chamber.

Inside the room, you will also find an ammo crate to restock after each wave. Place mines and traps at the entrance and remain inside until you kill all melee opponents. Next, exit the round chamber and deal with the opponents outside.

Return after each wave and restock, saving your finishing moves. During the last wave, on gold difficulty, the large clones that leap around will spawn, forcing you to go outside. Trigger Deadpool’s finishing moves on them to unlock the infinite time mode for the Grt Plaza challenge. 

Inside the Tower

“Battle it out inside the former citadel of Magneto.”

Purchase Deadpool Merc with a Map Pack DLC to unlock.

Infinite mode costume: D-Pooly

How to complete: Inside the Tower challenge is also unlocked by the Deadpool Merc with a Map Pack DLC, but unlike the previous challenge, Inside the Tower is a run-and-gun mission. Even if you can secure the entrance to one of the chambers next to the central room, it is a good idea to adopt this strategy only for the first wave.

During the second and the third waves, you have to focus on building up Deadpool’s momentum and trigger the finishing moves of his hammers.

Constantly teleport between enemies, and if you manage to place some mines on one of the corridors, try to lure them towards you. The ranged enemies should be your first targets, followed by the large clones that spawn during the third wave.

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