Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight On Air Hidden Secrets Guide

On Air, is the third Deadlight scene, featured in the third and final act of the video game.

Deadlight: On Air, includes five collectibles, all of them being revealed below, along with instructions that can help players to find them faster.

Deadlight: On Air, is a direct continuation of the previous scene, we have played, a scene called Fallen.

Randall approaches the Safe Point, realizing that in fact the place is a trap set by The New Law.

On Air Scene Description

“It was all a lie. All of it. There is no Safe Point. Just a net waiting to catch the desperate and innocent and feed them to vipers anxious murderers hell-bent on flexing their muscle over the weak and vulnerable.

Where are my girls? Have these men taken them? I swear it…I’ll find them, no matter who I have to…”

Hidden Collectibles

Total number of hidden collectibles: 5

Hidden Secrets: 4

Diary Pages: 1

First Hidden Secret

At the beginning of the level we can find the first hidden secret in Deadlight: On Air. It is located in the first building we enter by breaking the planks that block the door. When we get inside, Randall has another vision with his daughter.

After the vision, we check the right side of the room, for a corpse, which carries the first collectible.

Second Hidden Secret

After we find the previous collectible, we exit the house, jump over a moat filled with water, and reach a truck.

On the background we can see a helicopter, and nearby two Shadows. While standing on the truck, we take out the Shadows; then we descend, and several steps away we can see another corpse.

The corpse carries the I.D. of a stranger which is the second Deadlight: On Air collectable. We take it and enter the next building.

Lost Diary Page

The third Deadlight: On Air hidden secret is a Lost Diary Page. As we exit the building mentioned above, using the window, we reach another yard, where we can see a pile of boxes. We investigate them, to find Randall’s Diary Page in Deadlight: On Air.

Third Hidden Secret

The third Deadlight: On Air secret is a plan belonging to the New Law. After we get the Lost Diary Page above, we go right, and eventually, we reach a corridor. Inside, we can hear some soldiers. While crossing the corridor, we look for a locker and inside we will find the hidden secret we are looking for.

We take it and go through the right door.

Fourth Hidden Secret

The final Deadlight: On Air collectible is a list containing the names of the survivors who have reached Safe Point. The hidden secret is located in the room where we can hear the radio transmission.

We make sure that we pick it up, before we interact with the radio; otherwise the scene ends, and the collectible remains hidden.

Once we get the list, we interact with the radio and exit the room. After a small cutscene Deadlight: On Air ends, being followed by a new scene, called Arcadia.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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