Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Medicine Man Hidden Secrets Guide

Medicine Man is the final Deadlight scene featured in the second act of the videogame, and it includes three collectibles. 

Just like in the previous scene, the action in Deadlight: Medicine Man, takes place inside the hospital, where Randall is trying to find a cure for his friend.

The collectibles included in Deadlight: Medicine Man, are hidden secrets, and their locations are revealed below.

Medicine Man Scene Description

“This is ironic. A hospital full of Shadows. Here, a place meant to heal and preserve life, it’s now a cemetery where the dead refuse to sleep.

There’s so much beauty in how our world is ending no one ever could have predicted this it’s a side of life only a few of us get to see. It’s beautiful and yet, the most terrible thing I ever could have imagined.”

Hidden Collectibles

Total number of hidden collectibles: 3

Hidden Secrets: 3

First Hidden Secret

The first hidden item in Deadlight: Medicine Man is a clipping from the magazine Science and Medicine.

This item can be found on a corpse located in the first room we enter after we climb the Hospital sign outside. The room is the starting area for Medicine Man.

Second Hidden Secret

As we work on finding an exit point, after we find the medicine for Ben, we cross the large hallway, and enter a small room, on the left side of the second floor. Inside we can see a corpse on a bed.

The corpse carries the ID of a stranger, which is the second collectible in Deadlight: Medicine Man. We take it and then proceed through the door on the left side.

Third Hidden Secret

The third collectible in Medicine Man can be found moments later, after we cross the elevator shaft. Eventually, we will reach a huge gap, and on the other side a small tunnel that leads to a secret chamber.

To get this collectible it is important not to slide down, on the ramps below the tunnel. If we do, we trigger the final part of the stage, and we will miss the hidden secret. Instead, we jump on the other side, get the Doctor’s watch, and then, retrace our steps. After we slide down, we start running toward the exit point.

Once we reach it, the Medicine Man ends as well as the second Deadlight act.

The first scene of the third act is called Nightmare. It is similar to the first scene of the second act, meaning that while playing it, we can’t find any Deadlight collectibles. Because of this, the next part in our guide refers to the second scene of the last act, a scene known as Fallen.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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