Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Human Flow Hidden Secrets Guide

The ninth scene of the second Deadlight act (Hunters) is called Human Flow.

The scene can be unlocked by completing the previous scene, named Lydia. 

While playing this specific Deadlight level, we can find 2 collectibles, which are in fact two hidden secrets.

In the following Deadlight collectibles’ guide, we reveal the location of each hidden secret in Scene 9: Human Flow.

Human Flow Scene Description

“I keep seeing Lydia. Visions. Strange moments that make me feel like I’m losing my mind. I think it’s because I miss her. I think it’s because I’m scared. But it hurts when I think about my girls.

I saved the Rat’s son and he’s told me where I can find my friends, maybe even Shannon and Lydia. I have to keep going.”

Hidden Collectibles

Total number of hidden collectibles: 2

Hidden Secrets: 2

First Hidden Secret

The first hidden collectible in Deadlight: Human Flow, is a tape containing stories for children. We can find it if we check the left side of the third floor in the parking lot (G3), after we find Randall’s gun.

We make sure we take it, and then we advance following the tunnel to the right (same floor).

Second Hidden Secret

To get the second collectible, it is very important to know that when we exit the parking lot, we have to go left, even if our goal is to the right.

To do so, as soon as we exit the underground parking lot, we climb on the bus, then jump on the pillars, and continue to move from one pillar to another without falling.

When we reach the last one, we yell, so the zombies nearby can hear us, and jump over the fence. After we clear the area, we continue to advance and eventually we reach a street.

We cross it, and enter a small store. We kill the Shadow inside, and on a shelf we can see a small red box.

The only way to get it is to tackle the shelf. When the red box hits the ground, we pick up the I.D. of the strange inside, and retrace our steps. We continue to advance until we reach the stadium, where the action in the next scene (Playoff) takes place.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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