Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight features a large number of hidden secrets or collectibles that can be found by Randall, the main character of the video game developed by Tequila Works.

Throughout the following guide we reveal the location of each hidden secret in Deadlight, for those who wish to find all of them in order to unlock the corresponding achievements.

All Deadlight collectibles/secrets can be divided in three major categories, as they appear in the game’s menu; and these categories are: Diary Pages, Hidden Secrets and Handhelds.

A Diary Page contains information regarding Randall’s past and the current events that occur in Seattle.

Unlike a Diary Page, a Hidden Secret is usually an item that triggers various memories to Randall.

In Deadlight, any item can be a hidden secret; therefore, collecting all of them can be quite challenging.

The final category includes the Hidden Handhelds, which are in fact retro gaming consoles.

Players who have decide to purchase and complete Deadlight; should know that there are three Secret Handhelds in the game, and all of them are fully playable, as soon as players manage to find them.

The cinematic platformer video game known as Deadlight, is divided in three acts, each act being divided in scenes; and because of this our Deadlight hidden secrets’ guide was also divided in multiple parts, to help players who wish to navigate from one scene to another. Our guide starts with the first chapter named Left Behind.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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