Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide: The End Of The Tunnel

The End Of The Tunnel is the second Deadlight scene featured in the first act, and it starts as soon as we manage to escape the warehouse featured in the first scene.

Eventually, Randall enters an underground tunnel, and a new achievement is unlocked (Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door).

After we unlock this specific achievement,

The End Of The Tunnel starts, and while playing this scene we can find two hidden collectibles.

The first one is a hidden secret, and the second one is a retro handheld located in the starting zone.

The following guide explains where to look for them.

The End Of The Tunnel Scene Description

“Ben, Stella and Sam managed to escape in the van that brought us to Seattle. It looks like I’ll have to travel on my own to the Safe Point. This maintenance tunnel should take me to the highway that will guide me into the city.”


Total number of hidden collectibles: 2

Hidden secrets: 1

Hidden handhelds: 1

Handheld 1 (Raven Thunder’s Rock Legend)

After we enter the tunnel, we advance and in the starting area we perform a long jump over a hole in the floor. On the other side we should see a ladder that takes us down. When we jump on it, a tutorial teaching us how to slide, appears.

While standing on the ladder, we descend slowly and when we reach the middle, we look to the left where we can see a tunnel. We jump off the ladder, and inside the said tunnel, on the ground, we can find the first secret handheld machine in Deadlight: Raven Thunder’s Rock Legend.

We take it, then exit the tunnel and advance. In the next area we can find a hidden secret.

Secret 1

After we get the collectible above, we continue to advance and we enter a new tunnel. While moving towards the exit, on a wall in the background we can see an impaled body, near a graffiti on which we can read: The Inferno Begins Here.

Right in front of the said corpse, on the ground, is the second and final collectible in the second Deadlight scene. It is a page from a book. We take it, and continue to explore the tunnels, until we reach the exit.

When we do, the third scene of the first Deadlight act begins.

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