Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide: Lou’s Pawnshop

In Deadlight, Lou’s Pawnshop is the final scene of the first act, and while playing it, we can find only two hidden collectibles.

Both collectibles in Lou’s Pawnshop are hidden secrets, and the following video game guide, reveals their exact locations.

Lou’s Pawnshop, starts after the cutscene at the end of the previous level, called Broken Homes.

Lou’s Pawnshop Scene Description

“The city is in ruins. This strange militia The New Law they seem to be involved somehow. I was trying to catch up with my friends and found Sam alone, shot, and dying. He bled to death in front of me. What’s happening?

The Shadows didn’t do this. Isn’t it enough to be afraid of the dead? Do we also have to fear ourselves?”


Total number of hidden collectibles: 2

Hidden secrets: 2

Secret 1

The first hidden secret in Lou’s Pawnshop is very easy to find, since it is Sam’s Badge. We can find Sam, in the starting area, under a sign on which we can read: Lou’s Pawnshop.

Sam is wearing a white shirt. We collect the badge he carries, and then we shoot the locker to open the hatch on the ceiling, to the right. We exit quickly by performing a wall-jump.

Secret 2

The second collectible in Deadlight: Lou’s Pawnshop, is a picture of a couple. This specific item, allows us to open a trapdoor, because it also contains the combination which must be used to open the locker. Even if we know that the combination is 1212, we still have to find the picture.

The hidden secret is inside the bathroom located above the trapdoor we have to open.

After we get the picture and the combination, we go down, move the shelf that blocks our way, and then open the trapdoor. We continue to advance, and play the final Deadlight scene of the first act.

After we complete it, we will unlock the second stage (Hunters) and the first scene featured in it.

The first scene of the second act, is called Dream, and unlike all previous scenes, while playing it, we can’t find any collectibles; therefore, the next part in our Deadlight collectible’s guide refers to the second scene of the second act: Tunnel Rats.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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