Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide: Broken Homes

Deadlight: Broken Homes is the seventh scene of the first Deadlight act, and it includes four hidden collectibles.

All collectibles in Broken Homes are hidden secrets, and the following guide refers strictly to their locations.

Broken Homes begins after we complete Checkpoint Charlie and after we learn how to use Randall’s revolver.

Broken Homes Scene Description

“Something horrible happened here. This is more than just abandonment. It was a fight. A big one. But how? Was it military? This looks like something out of a movie. It’s frightening to think that this is real. It all seems too…impossible.”


Total number of hidden collectibles: 4

Hidden secrets: 4

Secret 1

The first hidden secret in Broken Homes is an ID. We can find it when we reach the area where a fire blocks our path.  The hidden secret is located in a room under the water container.

First we check the room, and then we push/tackle the water container to put out the fire. 

Secret 2

After we put out the fire, we reach the next building by climbing the electricity post. Inside we can see several chambers. First, we check the couch in the small room to the right where we find a receipt of a complaint sent to the Seattle Police Department.

This specific item is the second hidden secret in Broken Homes. We take it, and then we exit through the right window to reach the next floor.

Secret 3

The third hidden item is on the last floor. To reach the floor we trick the zombies on the roof, to step on the planks, and then we go back to the second floor and advance. Eventually, we reach the final floor, and in the first room we can see a body, on the ground.

If we examine the corpse we find the third collectible in Broken Homes, which is a Testament Letter.

Secret 4

Later in this level, after we solve several puzzles we reach the floor of a new building by climbing a ladder. When we do, a new tutorial pops-up teaching us how to create barricades.

First, we check the last room to the left, opposite to the chamber where we can see an exit point up on a wall. We kill both Shadows we encounter then we look for a locker. Inside, is a postcard, which is the final hidden secret in Broken Homes.

After we pick it up, we return to the highlighted shelves, and move them. We continue to advance, until a new cutscene starts showing Randall’s friends. After the cutscene, we unlock the final scene of the first act: Lou’s Pawnshop.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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