Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Emergencies Hidden Secrets Guide

Emergencies is the eleventh Deadlight scene featured in the second act, and it includes four Deadlight collectibles.

Three of these collectibles are hidden secrets, while one of them is a Diary Page lost by Randall.

Throughout the following guide we reveal the locations of all collectables in Deadlight: Emergencies scene.

Emergencies starts after we find Ben, and rescue him. Randall’s goal changes since he has to save his friend.

Emergencies Scene Description

“Ben needs medicine or he’s going to die. I have to put everything aside and fight for my friend. Run, Randall Wayne. Run and don’t look back. Find him what he needs.”

Hidden Collectibles

Total number of hidden collectibles: 4

Hidden Secrets: 3

Diary Pages: 1

First Hidden Secret

The first hidden secret in Deadlight: Emergencies is a brochure about the New Flu, and how to cure it. We can find the item next to an emergency truck, while moving towards the hospital. If we look close enough we can see a Shadow on the driver’s seat, trying to break free.

We take the item and continue to look for a cure.

Lost Diary Page

The Lost Diary Page in Deadlight: Emergencies is also very easy to find.

The item is located in the first room we explore when we reach the hospital. We can find it on the ground, inside a locker. We take it and go through the window on the right wall.

Second Hidden Secret

Moments later, after we cross the elevator shaft, and after we check the right room on the ground level for a health upgrade, we reach another small room.

On the ground just in front of the door we have to tackle, is a letter from the doctor who investigated the illness at the hospital. It is the second Deadlight: Emergencies hidden collectible.

Third Hidden Secret

The last Deadlight collectible in Emergencies is a recording, we can find on the floor. The exact location of this item is the first room we enter after we escape the Shadows in the large hallway.

As we run towards the exit, we can see Randall blocking the Shadows by moving a cabinet. To the right, we can see a window covered by planks. The window serves as an exit point; however, we proceed only after we find the collectible mentioned above.

Once we climb the Hospital sign outside, we reach a new floor of the same building, and unlock the last scene of the second chapter: Medicine Man.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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