Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Collectibles Guide: Tunnel Rats

Tunnel Rats is the second scene of the second Deadlight act and follows the events of the first scene, called The Dream.

While playing The Dream, we can’t find any hidden Deadlight collectibles; however, when Tunnel Rats starts, Randall’s Diary updates and we can observe that the second scene includes 3 collectables.

Two of them are Hidden Secrets and one is a Diary Page, lost by Randall.

Tunnel Rats, begins after we meet The Rat, in the sewers.

Tunnel Rats Scene Description

“After Sam died, I escaped Lou’s Pawn Shop and ran for it, but those Shadows trapped me. I thought I saw Lydia. All I can remember from that moment on is waking up here. In the sewers. With that strange man trying to guide me along.”

Hidden Secrets

Total number of hidden collectibles: 3

Hidden Secrets: 2

Diary Pages: 1

Diary Page

The first collectible in Tunnel Rats is a Lost Diary Page. The item can be found as we progress through this level, trying to avoid the traps set by The Rat. Eventually, we will come across some falling platforms, and we have to climb them as soon as possible, or we will fall into the spikes, on the ground.

When we reach the top of the tunnel, we talk to The Rat and signal him to open a door, to the left. We crouch and go through the small opening, and in front of us appear a ladder and a large crate. To reach the ladder, we have to move the crate; however, we jump on it, only after we check the small box behind it.

Inside is the first collectible, and after we pick it up, we move the crate and ascend the ladder.

Hidden Secret 1

The second collectible in Deadlight: Tunnel Rats can be found when we reach a new chamber with four traps. Before entering the room, we can hear our hero asking The Rat why he is not coming with us.

While standing at the entrance we can see three Shadows. Two of them are right below Randall, and one is located on the other side, consuming a corpse. To get the collectible (I.D. of a stranger), we run towards the Shadow to the right (rolling as fast as we can), then we turn around quickly and jump on one of the traps.

When all traps are activated, we go left and check the hanged corpse to pick-up the hidden secret. After we take it, we go right and continue to advance.

Hidden Secret 2

The final hidden secrets in Tunnel Rats can be found after we escape the zombies breaking through a wall. To succeed, we jump over the traps instead of rolling, and then we will eventually fall through a hole in the floor.

In the next area, we can see a blocked trapdoor. We signal The Rat to open it, and we descend the ladder. When we reach the floor, we look for a corpse carrying a page from a book containing a poem.

We take the page, and continue to play the scene.

Using the slingshot we create an exit point. After a small discussion with The Rat, we reach a new area and the third scene (The Collector) starts.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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