Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Collectibles Guide: Tree House

Tree House or Deadlight Chapter 2: Scene 6 starts after we manage to exit the Rat’s Den by completing the fifth scene of the second chapter, a scene called Ascend.

Three House brings us back to the surface where the Shadows infested Seattle. This specific scene includes five Deadlight collectibles (four hidden secrets and one diary page).

The following Deadlight video game guide, refers to the sixth scene included in Chapter 2 (The Hunters) and explains where and how to find all Deadlight collectibles in Tree House.

Tree House Scene Description

“If I find his son, the Rat will tell me where to find my friends and family. I don’t feel safe at all above the ground anymore. Being hidden has given me perspective. This “New Law” is worse than the Shadows.

To be honest, I fear for his son. Nothing about this world is safe anymore. He’s in danger. I must find “the house that grows in the tree.”

Hidden Secrets

Total number of hidden collectibles: 5

Hidden Secrets: 4

Diary Pages: 1

Hidden Secret 1

The first collectible in Deadlight: Tree House is a Rosary of wooden beats. As we escape the starting chamber by destroying the window on the ceiling with the slingshot, we will eventually go outside and start running in order to escape the Shadows.

Inevitably, the path takes us to a new house, and when we enter, just in front of us we can see a corpse hanged by the New Law.

We make sure we check the body, to find the hidden item, and then we go downstairs, to the basement, to get a stamina power-up. Next we exit through the window on the right wall and move towards our objective.

Hidden Secret 2

As we keep advancing, we will enter a new house (a green one) where we can find another collectible. It is on the ground and it can’t be missed if we walk slowly.

We pick it up, and exit through the next window.

Hidden Secret 3

The next collectible is also inside a house, on the second floor. It is the I.D of a stranger, and to get it, we have to move as fast as we can, since Randall is chased by Shadows.

The house containing the hidden secret is the first house we enter after we cross a backyard using and electricity cable.

This specific electricity cable will break and we will be forced to run, entering a new building, through a door on the ground floor. We make sure we check the second floor first, and then push forward.

Hidden Secret 4

The final hidden secret is a photo of a sick woman. This Deadlight collectible is very easy to find, since it is located in the Tree House we have to find.

After we climb the ladder, we check the central desk for the photo, and move forward, since Rat’s boy is still missing. The Diary Page we need is located nearby.

Diary Page

After we exit the Tree House, we break the door, and jump on the next roof. We slide down, instead of jumping while we slide, and when we reach the ground, we check the fence. In the corner, near the fence is the final collectible in Deadlight: Tree House. It is Randall’s Lost Diary Page. We grab it, and then climb the fence.

Once we get on the other side we start running and don’t stop until we find the white van. When we interact with it, Deadlight: Tree House ends, and after a short cutscene, The Big Bird starts.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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