Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Collectibles Guide: The Big Bird

In Deadlight: The Big Bird scene, Randall continues his search for the Rat’s son, after he managed to escape the Shadows lurking around the Tree House. 

Deadlight: The Big Bird includes only one collectible, unlike the previous scene which included five.

The Big Bird, starts as soon as we exit the white van we have found at the end of the previous scene.

The Big Bird Scene Description

“Somehow, the boy made it this far alive. He’ in the habit of revisiting his old home and spending time with the memory of his dead mother.

It hurts to think about his pain. I don’t want to think about loved ones gone. I can’t. I need to save this boy and find his mom.


Hidden Secrets

Total number of hidden collectibles: 1

Hidden Secrets: 1

Hidden Secret

The only collectible in The Big Bird is the I.D of a stranger. The Deadlight hidden secret can be found in the building we enter after we escape the helicopter several times.

This specific building is the first one we explore after we solve the puzzle featuring a crate.

To complete the goal, we make sure we use our slingshot and shoot the ledge blocking the round wheel. When the crate falls to the ground, we push it and ascend until we reach a crane.

We continue to run, to avoid the helicopter, and jump through a window.

Next, we must descend several stairs as fast as we can, until we reach a new door that can be tackled. In front of this door, is a corpse carrying the collectible we are looking for.

Once the item is in our possession, we keep running following the boy, and being chased by the New Law. Moments later, if we manage to escape, we start a new Deadlight scene called Lydia.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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