Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide

Deadlight Collectibles Guide: Lydia

In the video game Deadlight, Lydia is the eighth scene of the second chapter (The Hunters). Lydia starts as soon as we escape the helicopter in the previous scene (The Big Bird), and it includes two Deadlight collectibles.

The collectibles in Deadlight: Lydia, are revealed by the game guide below, along with screenshots, and tips on how to find them faster.

One collectible in this specific level is a Deadlight hidden secret, while the other one is a diary page.

Lydia Scene Description

“The new Law is a disease. This is what men become when we show the worst sides of ourselves. They’re out for blood, for no other reason than to claim ownership of a dying star. It makes me scared and ashamed.

We all make choices when we’re backed into a corner. These men…they’ve made the worst choice of all. I have to find this kid and save him.“

Hidden Secrets

Total number of hidden collectibles: 2

Hidden Secrets: 1

Diary Pages: 1

Hidden Secret

The hidden secret in Deadlight: Lydia scene is a pendant of Randall’s daughter. The collectible can be found after we escape the building where the Shadows lurk inside and the helicopter is chasing us from outside.

As we progress through the level, we eventually find the Rat’s son, and we have to cross a park.

While running towards our objective, Randall has a vision and he sees his daughter playing in a swing. When the vision ends we check the swing and pick up the pendant. After we pick it up, we continue to advance without running, because the last collectible is nearby.

Diary Page

After we find the previous collectible, in the park, we follow the Rat’s kid, and several steps away from the swing we can see a trashcan. Inside the trashcan is Randall’s Lost Diary Page, and the final Deadlight collectible in this scene (Lydia).

We take it and cross the park. Once we exit, a cutscene starts showing Rat’s boy attacked by the Shadows. After the cutscene, we will unlock the next level in the game, called Human Flow.

Deadlight Hidden Secrets Guide
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