Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Artifact 1 Location

Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Collectibles Locations

Dead Space 3 Chapter 6, also known as Repair to Ride, includes less hidden collectables than previous levels, and it starts when players select the Aft Station section of CMS Terra Nova in the tram that can be found at the end of Chapter 5.

In Repair to Ride, Isaac must find a way to repair the ship named Crozier, because it’s the only way for him and his team to reach Tau Volantis.

Although Chapter 6 doesn’t feature too many Dead Space 3 collectibles, players should use the information from the complete collectibles’ guide below in order to get them all in a single playthrough.

Mission Description

Terra Nova Aft Station “The intra-ship transport system of the Terra Nova is back online. Now, Isaac must venture deeper into the ship to retrieve a working shuttle.”

Collectibles Guide

Hidden collectibles available: 5

Artifacts: 1

Logs: 1

Weapon Parts: 1

Circuits: 2

Log #1 (Audio Log)

When you complete Chapter 5, you should enter Mid Station and access the Control Room to grab the first Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Log in case you missed it or left it behind during Conning Tower Optional Mission in Chapter 5.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Log 1 Location
Log 1 – Audio Log

Weapon Part #1 (Stasis Support)

After you have the Audio Log mentioned above you use the tram to reach the Aft Station.

Here you have to call the elevator, which spawns some Necromorphs, so before doing that you might want to check the other door (Control Station) in order to find a Dead Space 3 Weapon Part that belongs to Chapter 4.

Next, you take the elevator and you turn left on the catwalk when you enter the hangar where you find the ship named Crozier.

If you look across the hangar you can spot the first Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Weapon Part which can be pulled using TK.

Alternatively, you can use the Shuttle Bay Gondola to cross on the other side, where the engineering bench is.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Weapon Part 1 Location
Weapon Part 1 – Stasis Support

Circuit #1 (+1 Rate of Fire +1 Damage)

After you install the remote relay, you follow the waypoint until you end up in a room overlooking the ship’s back side (where you have to refuel the ship).

On the far end of the room is a fuse box with the first Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Circuit.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Circuit 1 Location
Circuit 1

Circuit #2 (+1 Damage +1 Clip)

When you refuel the ship, something goes wrong and you have to escape to the shuttle bay.

As soon as you climb down the ladder in a small room (if you go outside both paths are blocked by fire and you have to call a cargo lift), you need to open the box that’s exactly next to you, because it has the second Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Circuit.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Circuit 2 Location
Circuit 2

Artifact #1 (S.C.A.F. Artifact 07)

After you’re ejected into outer space when you finish clearing up the debris (Space Dock section of Terra Nova), you head straight to the biggest wreckage you can see.

On its other side you can find the only Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Artifact, a S.C.A.F. Artifact collectible.

Now you make a trip back to CMS Greely to begin Chapter 7, in which you basically collect some parts for the ship. Therefore, you play along until you land on Tau Volantis, where Chapter 8 starts.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Artifact 1 Location
Artifact 1 – SCAF
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