Dead Rising 4 Podcasts Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Podcasts Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Podcasts Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Podcasts Collectibles Locations Guide
A Podcast in Dead Rising 4

There are 12 Dead Rising 4 Podcasts collectibles that can be acquired while exploring the map of the videogame.

Even if their number is low, the Podcasts unlock the “Undead Gospel”, which is a funny series of audio files in which Paula the Apostle delves into various outbreak related events.

Other than that, you get Credits and PP points for collecting the Podcasts, and you also complete the “Number one DJ” exploration trial.

The Podcasts take the shape of a little MP3 player and they are saved instantly upon picking them up. The progress can be checked in the Notebook section of the Dossier (pause menu), alongside the Cellphones, Newspapers, and Vick’s Logs.

Although you can buy maps from the location vendors in the Emergency Shelters, it isn’t a good idea, since there are just a bunch of these collectibles and the maps don’t come free.

Instead, you can make use of the maps in our Dead Rising 4 Podcasts guide. Plus, the text hints will lead you to the exact locations of the collectibles. If that wasn’t enough already, we also included videos from our YouTube playlist which also features a full walkthrough.

Be aware that the order of the guide is not the order of the Podcasts (i.e. from 1 to 12), it actually follows the fastest and shortest path on the map.

Willamette Memorial Megaplex Podcasts Locations

Podcast 1 – Undead Gospel #3

You can get the first Podcasts in the Memorial Megaplex Emergency Shelter. Go downstairs to the lower level living quarters and search on one of the tables in the cafeteria.

Podcast 2 – Undead Gospel #1

Go to the second floor of The Virago Hotel in the Amazonian Food Court area. At the end of the corridor, on the right-hand side, is the Honeymoon Suite. Look on the balcony railing to find the Podcast collectible.

Podcast 3 – Undead Gospel #2

The Cruz Tanning Salon is located in the Caribbean Cove area. You can find the last Dead Rising 4 Podcast in the mall inside the Zom-B Safe bunker of the salon. The key for the safe is next to the deck chairs sitting near the restaurant in the center of the area. Grab it and then use the camera’s Spectrum Analyzer on the wall between the tanning rooms to reveal the hidden bunker.

Old Town Podcasts Locations

Dead Rising 4 Old Town Podcasts Locations Map
Old Town Podcasts

Podcast 4 – Undead Gospel #5

There are only two Dead Rising 4 Podcasts in Old Town. The first one is located in Brent’s Appliances New and Used down the street from the Emergency Shelter. It is conveniently placed on top of an old appliance in the middle of the shop.

Podcast 5 – Undead Gospel #4

The second Podcasts is found in Buffy’s Laundromat (east side of Old Town). It’s resting on the set of three chairs near the washing machines.

West Ridge Podcasts Locations

Dead Rising 4 West Ridge Podcasts Locations Map
West Ridge Podcasts

Podcast 6 – Undead Gospel #6

Once you have access to Tom’s Compound (The Dairy Farm), you can easily get the first Podcast in West Ridge. Just go at the back of the farm to find a container behind the barn. Look inside for the collectible (on a mattress).

Podcast 7 – Undead Gospel #7

Next, go to the Cruz Tanning Salon close to the high school. The Dead Rising 4 Podcast can be found on the counter.

Podcast 8 – Undead Gospel #12

Once you gain access to the Mountain Ridge Estates Gated Community, head to The Booker Family residence. There you can collect the final Podcast in Old Town from the furniture inside the living room. While there are still a few left to find, this is the last Podcast in the Undead Gospel series, as far as numbers are concerned.

North Peak Podcasts Locations

Dead Rising 4 North Peak Podcasts Locations Map
North Peak Podcasts

Podcast 9 – Undead Gospel #9

The first Podcast in North Peak can be found at The Peaks Motel, in the room on the second floor, left-hand side as you’re climbing the stairs. Look for it on the table under the TV.

Podcast 10 – Undead Gospel #8

You can find this one on an armchair inside the WLD Country Radio 530 AM building.

Podcast 11 – Undead Gospel #10

In the close vicinity is Santa’s Workshop. It is next to the entrance, on the Santa chair under the big candy cane.

Podcast 12 – Undead Gospel #11

The last Podcast can be acquired at the Willamette Train Yard. Find an open freight car near the red silo/barn and check the table inside to find the recording. It is also the final Dead Rising 4 Podcast in the game and if you collected all the others you get 1500 PP for completing the trial.

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