Dead Rising 4 Vick's Cloud Uploads Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Vick’s Cloud Uploads Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Vick's Cloud Uploads Collectibles Locations Guide
A Vick’s Log in Dead Rising 4

Vick’s Cloud Uploads or Vick’s Logs are the Dead Rising 4 collectibles through which you can learn the story from Vick Chu’s point of view, one of Frank West’s students.

Only 15 Cloud Uploads can be collected in the game, and they count towards the total of 83 Notebook Items. They look like cellphones attached to military laptops and they are saved automatically once you pick them up, unlocking an audio log in the process.

As with other collectibles, they give money and PP rewards and they have their separate challenge/trial named “Eavesdropper”.

Some of Vick’s Cloud Uploads are unlocked at specific points in the story, while others need to be found in the game world. This is why you shouldn’t buy the location maps from the vendors in the Emergency Shelters, it’s not worth it for just a few collectibles.

But because you may want to achieve a 100% completion of the game, we have created the following Dead Rising 4 Vick’s Cloud Uploads collectibles guide which features complete maps and a full text guide that reveal the exact locations of the said collectibles.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to check the videos from our Dead Rising 4 playlist on YouTube.

Willamette Memorial Megaplex Vick’s Cloud Uploads Locations

Vick’s Cloud Upload 1 – Vick Log #1

The first Vick’s Cloud Upload in the mall and in the game is given automatically during Case 1, during the objective “Get to Medieval Village”, once you are contacted by Brad.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 2 – Vick Log #2

On the upper floor of the Central Plaza with the North Pole Town Square is the McQueen Portrait Studio. You can find Vick’s Log on a tool crate in the backroom used for shooting pictures.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 3 – Vick Log #3

This Vick’s Upload to Cloud is found outside the mall, in the area near the exit where you battle the Obscuris soldiers. Check inside the military tent, on one of the tables.

Old Town Vick’s Cloud Uploads Locations

Dead Rising 4 Old Town Vick's Cloud Uploads Locations Map
Old Town Vick’s Cloud Uploads

Vick’s Cloud Upload 4 – Vick Log #5

You can get the first Vick’s Log in Old Town from the counter in The Brain Dump store.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 5 – Vick Log #4

For this one go to The Big Bulls Meats shop, then cross the street and walk around the building to find a back door (this is basically next to the rear entrance of the Willamette Gazette & Historical Society).

Now head upstairs to the Apartment by Nobleman’s Barber Shop and get the Cloud Upload that’s on the kitchen countertop.

West Ridge Vick’s Cloud Uploads Locations

Dead Rising 4 West Ridge Vick's Cloud Uploads Locations Map
West Ridge Vick’s Cloud Uploads

Vick’s Cloud Upload 6 – Vick Log #13

The first Vick’s Cloud Upload in North Peak can be found at Tom’s Compound (The Dairy Farm), but you can’t access it until Case 5.

When you are tasked to investigate the secret room in Tom’s bedroom on the second floor, grab the keycard from the desk before leaving (this is very important, the key will disappear afterwards!).

Head back outside and use it to open the garage adjoining the house. The Log is on the boxes at the back of the garage.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 7 – Vick Log #6

To get the next collectible head to the Submega restaurant marked by 7 on our map. Vick’s Upload to Cloud is next to the sinks in the kitchen.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 8 – Vick Log #10

This Vick’s Log is unlocked automatically when you enter the Mountain Ridge Estates Gated Community during Case 3.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 9 – Vick Log #11

Once you have access to the Golden Apple Vineyards, go the upper level of the mansion and check the wooden table opposite to the staircase to find another Dead Rising 4 Vick’s Cloud Upload.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 10 – Vick Log #7

This one is probably the easiest to miss and the hardest to get back to in the entire game. That is because it is inside the Willamette Hydroelectric Station which is only available at the end of Case 2.

After you complete the investigation in the room where Darcy is, continue on your path to find a security room just before the catwalks outside. Turn left as you enter to spot Vick’s Log on the desk with the monitors.

North Peak Vick’s Cloud Uploads Locations

Vick’s Cloud Upload 11 – Vick Log #8

Visit the Peaks Motel in North Peak to find the first Vick’s Cloud Upload in the area. Go upstairs and check the bed in the open room on the right side.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 12 – Vick Log #9

The next Vick Log collectible is in the Freebirds Gun Shack & Shooting Range. It is on the desk in the office on your right as you enter using the front doors.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 13 – Vick Log #12

You obtain this Vick’s Upload to Cloud as you’re playing through Case 4, when you enter the building in the Willamette Army Reserve base.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 14 – Vick Log #15

You earn the final Log in the series, numbered 15, when you enter the underground sewers during Case 5. However, this isn’t the last one in the game, there is one more.

Vick’s Cloud Upload 15 – Vick Log #14

For some odd reason, the last Vick’s Cloud Upload in Dead Rising 4 can be collected only after you automatically get #15. This is due to the fact that it’s in an area of the sewers which is exclusively available near the end of Case 5.

First, grab the key from the small room adjacent to the first room after you blow up the gate (the same room where you find a Cellphone collectible and a Zombie Tag).

Next, as you progress through the rooms, you’ll find that the key opens two doors, one that leads to a Cellphone and a second one that leads to Vick’s Log (see our map for a visual reference). Use the camera’s Night Vision function to find it sitting on a wooden crate.

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