Dead Rising 4 Cellphones Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Cellphones Collectibles Locations Guide – Personal Mysteries

Dead Rising 4 Cellphones Collectibles Locations Guide
A Cellphone in Dead Rising 4

The Dead Rising 4 Cellphones are a type of collectibles which are part of the “Personal Mysteries” side quest, just like the Newspapers collectibles.

There are 22 Personal Mysteries entries in the Notebook (which has a total of 83 items), but each one it’s usually comprised of 3-5 cell phones or even more, meaning there are in fact 87 Cellphone collectibles to be found in the game world.

Apart from the usual PP and Credits bonus, the Cellphones add to the story of Dead Rising 4, relating events that happened before or during the outbreak. Moreover, they count towards the “Can You Hear Me Now?” challenge, so you need all of them if you want a 100% completion.

You can always check your progress in the Notebook section of the Dossier, and the collectibles save as soon as you pick them up. They come as small cell phones, thus it’s not a bad idea to use the camera when you can’t spot them.

The Vendors in the Emergency Rooms sell maps which reveal their approximate locations, but they cost credits and you need to rescue civilians to upgrade the shelter to a higher tier before accessing certain maps.

That being said, our collectibles guide makes perfect sense because it saves you money and it also describes the precise locations of all Dead Rising 4 Cellphones. You can use the text which follows the same order as the maps, or if that’s not your thing you can watch our collectibles videos from YouTube.

Willamette Memorial Megaplex Cellphones Locations

Cellphone #1 – Blackest Friday 1/4

You can acquire the first Cellphone in Dead Rising 4 from the desk of the security terminal in the Emergency Shelter.

Cellphone #2 – Happiest Place on Earth 1/4

The second Cellphone collectible is in the Amazon Food Court, on the bar table that’s in front of Raj’s Samosa Hut.

Cellphone #3 – Blackest Friday 2/4

The next phone is near the previous one, on the lower section of the Amazon Food Court, behind a temple-like structure.

Cellphone #4 – Willamette Wants Workers 1/3

You can find this Cellphone inside the Zom-B Safe of The Virago Hotel. Scan the hidden door with the camera’s Spectrum Analyzer. You can get the key from the women’s restroom, which is just outside the hotel.

Cellphone #5 – Happiest Place on Earth 2/4

Go to Slappy’s Fun Shack store in the Miami Boardwalk part of the mall. The Cell phone collectible is in the fire extinguisher box, right side of the store as you enter.

Cellphone #6 – Blackest Friday 3/4

Head to Kiichiro Plaza to find the Robsaka Digital store. The Cellphone is inside, on a shelf for merchandise.

Cellphone #7 – Willamette Wants Workers 2/3

The ZEN shop is on the upper floor of Kiichiro Plaza. Get inside and search for the cell phone on a table in the far left corner of the shop.

Cellphone #8 – Blackest Friday 4/4

The final Cellphone in the Blackest Friday series can be found next to a sound system inside Foro-4 Electronics, which is located on the boulevard from the Amazon Food Court to Medieval Town.

Cellphone #9 – Happiest Place on Earth 3/4

On the same boulevard is the Toy Rex store. The Dead Rising 4 Cellphone is sitting on a shelf inside the store.

Cellphone #10 – In the Field 1/3

The first in a new series, Cellphone #10 is found at the end of the boulevard, near Medieval Town, on the mattress from the improvised shelter under the escalators.

Cellphone #11 – Happiest Place on Earth 4/4

The next Cellphone is probably the hardest to get in the entire game. It is on the roof of the castle in Medieval Town, but getting there is no easy task. First, use the hay bales near Baron von Brathaus Restaurant to reach the upper ledge overlooking the town. Then circle around until you reach the inside of the castle. Climb a set of stairs and hop through the broken window to land on the rafters. Jump on the rafters to reach the broken window on the left side and exit to find the collectible.

Cellphone #12 – Letters to Santa 1/3

The first Letters to Santa cellphone can be collected in the North Pole Town Square. It is on the floor of the candy cane house at the entrance of the town square.

Cellphone #13 – Willamette Wants Workers 3/3

This Cellphone is also in the North Pole Town Square, more precisely behind the counter in the Workshop. It is the last entry in the series.

Cellphone #14 – Letters to Santa 2/3

Head to the upper floor overlooking the square mentioned above. Walk to Santa’s sled above the escalators and look inside for the collectible.

Cellphone #15 – Obscuris Tactical Briefings 1/5

The final Dead Rising 4 Cellphone in the Megaplex is actually placed outside the mall, where you exit from the Central Plaza. You can get it at the end of Case 1, after you defeat the soldiers and you unlock the keypad. It can be found in the second room of the quarantine outpost, on a crate.

Old Town Cellphones Locations

Old Town Cellphones

Cellphone #16 – Book Reviews 1/3

You can find the first Cellphone collectible in Old Town in the Garrison Peace Park that’s near the roads that lead to the mall.  Just enter through the main entrance and check on top of the bleachers next to the basketball field.

Cellphone #17 – Book Reviews 2/3

The next Cellphone is inside the men’s public restroom near the basketball field. You can pick it up from the sink table.

Cellphone #18 – Book Reviews 3/3

The final cell phone from this series is also in the park. Not far from the restrooms is a small bridge. Check under the bridge, among the bodies.

Cellphone #19 – Busy Season 1/6

You can find it in The Hurly Bird Buffet, lying on the floor near a booth. It is marked my 19 on our map.

Cellphone #20 – Busy Season 2/6

On the corner of the street is Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles store. The Cellphone is on the shelf that got knocked down.

Cellphone #21 – After the Heist 1/4

Go to the second floor of the Emergency Shelter and check on top of the filing cabinet to find this collectible.

Cellphone #22 – Busy Season 3/6

The next Dead Rising 4 Cellphone is also in the Emergency Shelter. Go to the cafeteria in the lower levels and you should find it on a chair.

Cellphone #23 – Busy Season 4/6

Another Busy Season Cellphone can be found in the storage room of Colombian Roastmasters, near the shelter.

Cellphone #24 – Busy Season 5/6

Far south is the Willamette Bus Depot. The Cellphone is inside the Zom-B Safe bunker which can be discovered using the camera’s Spectrum Analyzer on the wall behind the counter, but the door is locked. To get the key head to the neighboring Xmas Tree Lot and examine the dumpsters in the far-left corner (while facing the lot).

Cellphone #25 – After the Heist 2/4

The Rockpile Liquors building is across the street from the church. Go around the merchandise shelf on the right side of the entrance and grab the Cellphone from the pile of beer boxes.

Cellphone #26 – Busy Season 6/6

Go to the Old Town City Hall Archives, at corner of the street where the brick sign displays the name of the institution. The Cellphone collectible sits right in front of the sign.

Cellphone #27 – Obscuris Tactical Briefings 2/5

The next one is at the front entrance of the City Hall Archives, where the soldiers abandoned the military outpost. You can find it on a table at the top of the stairs.

Cellphone #28 – After the Heist 3/4

Head behind the Vacant Offices adjacent to the Colossus Express Courier Ltd building to find the Cellphone that is next to the dumpster and the bodies.

Cellphone #29 – In the Field 2/3

This one is in the Willamette Impound and Junkyard, up north. You can collect it from the front desk of McKenzie Auto. It is the last Dead Rising 4 Cellphone in Old Town.

West Ridge Cellphones Locations

West Ridge Cellphones

Cellphone #30 – Not a Creature Was Stirring 1/4

The first Cellphone in West Ridge can be collected at any time after you have access to Hudson’s Dairy Farm (Tom’s Compound). You can get it from the table in the office on the first floor.

Cellphone #31 – Not a Creature Was Stirring 2/4

Another one is in the same house, on top of the sink in the bathroom.

Cellphone #32 – Tom and Luke 1/5

The next few collectibles are also at the farm, but they can only be collected during Case 5, since they are on the second floor which is locked otherwise. This Cellphone is in the room filled with bunks, between two of them.

Cellphone #33 – Tom and Luke 2/5

Head in the opposite direction from the room and you should find another Cellphone on the balcony.

Cellphone #34 – Mad Tom

The room next to the balcony is Tom’s bedroom. You can collect a cell phone from the nightstand.

Cellphone #35 – Not a Creature Was Stirring 3/4

This Cellphone is also at Tom’s farm, but you can get it anytime. It is on the hay bales next to the improvised shooting range.

Cellphone #36 – Not a Creature Was Stirring 4/4

The barn is just nearby. Climb to the upper floor using the hay bales and collect the Cellphone.

Cellphone #37 – Tom and Luke 3/5

Behind the barn is a bunker, but it’s locked. The keys to the bunker are inside the secret room in Tom’s bedroom, and are available only in Case 5 and ONLY during the investigation of the said secret area. If you don’t get them at that point you have to replay the case. Get the keys and open the bunker to collect the last Dead Rising 4 Cellphone in Tom’s Compound.

Cellphone #38 – Terror Is Romantic 1/4

South from the Emergency Shelter is The Mekanicks house. To get the Cellphone check the children bedroom on the second floor.

Cellphone #39 – Terror Is Romantic 2/4

Go to The Fogeys house, marked my 39 on our map, and search the living room TV stand.

Cellphone #40 – Tom and Luke 4/5

You can get this Cellphone from the Willamette Jr. High School. It is on the desk inside the classroom.

Cellphone #41 – Terror Is Romantic 3/4

This one is also in the school, but to get it you have to go the gymnasium. You can find it on a cot next to the bunks.

Cellphone #42 – Greater Mountain Grizzly Girls 1/7

The first Cellphone in a new series; can be found on the counter of Speedy Expresso.

Cellphone #43 – Tom and Luke 5/5

On the east side of West Ridge is The Gardners home. Grab the cellphone from the drawers in the bedroom to conclude the Tom and Luke personal mystery.

Cellphone #44 – Her Name Is Hammond 1/3

There is a house under construction in the south of the area (number 44). Enter through the back and the Cellphone collectible should be on the boxes on your left-hand side.

Cellphone #45 – Terror Is Romantic 4/4

Across the street is The Muzaks residence. You can find a Dead Rising 4 Cellphone in the bathroom upstairs, next to the bathtub.

Cellphone #46 – Arcane Writings 1/5

Once you open the Mountain Ridge Estates Gated Community, head to the Tennis Courts and grab the Cellphone from one of the benches outside the field.

Cellphone #47 – Arcane Writings 2/5

The neighboring house belongs to the Hunters family. You can find the Cellphone on a sideboard in the living room.

Cellphone #48 – Behind the Mask 1/3

You can find this one in a military truck parked on the streets of Mountain Ridge Estates, close to the house mentioned above.

Cellphone #49 – Blackburne’s Notes 1/7

On the porch of the unnamed house across the military truck is another Cellphone collectible.

Cellphone #50 – Arcane Writings 3/5

There is another unnamed house on the other side of the street. Look for a tree in the far-left corner of the yard to spot a cell phone at the base of it.

Cellphone #51 – Blackburne’s Notes 2/7

The Booker Family residence is neighboring the house with the tree. Head to the second floor and search the furniture next to the safe in the office.

Cellphone #52 – Behind the Mask 2/3

You can find this Cellphone on a bench in the recreation area between the Bookers residence and the Dojos one.

Cellphone #53 – Her Name Is Hammond 2/3

Now enter The Dojos house to find the Cellphone on a pile of clothes in the living room upstairs.

Cellphone #54 – Her Name Is Hammond 3/3

On the other side of the street is another unnamed house. The Cellphone collectible can be picked up from the shelf in the garage at the back of the house.

Cellphone #55 – Behind the Mask 3/3

There is a children playground on the east side of the gated community. You can find a Cellphone at the top of the slide.

Cellphone #56 – Blackburne’s Notes 3/7

Near the playground is The Jox Family residence. On the military table in front of the house is the final Dead Rising 4 Cellphone in Mountain Ridge Estates.

Cellphone #57 – In the Field 3/3

Moving north, the next four Cellphones can be collected from the Golden Apple Vineyards, once you unlock the area. The first one can be found at the front entrance of the mansion, next to a dead body leaning on a pillar.

Cellphone #58 – Barnaby V. His Winemaker 1/3

The next one is on the piano inside the mansion, first floor.

Cellphone #59 – Barnaby V. His Winemaker 2/3

Go upstairs and examine the floor near the Christmas tree to find another Cellphone.

Cellphone #60 – Barnaby V. His Winemaker 3/3

Now head to the basement of the mansion. The Cellphone collectable sits on a shelf in the second room on the left. The place is dark, so use the Night Vision to avoid getting lost.

Cellphone #61 – Greater Mountain Grizzly Girls 2/7

The Kent Farms are marked by cellphone number 61 on our map, which you can find inside the Zom-B Safe bunker of the farm. Grab the keys from the fruit stand across the road, and then use them inside the shed near the house.

Cellphone #62 – Greater Mountain Grizzly Girls 3/7

A little to the north is a large red barn. Climb up onto the upper level using the hay bales and collect the Cell phone.

Cellphone #63 – Greater Mountain Grizzly Girls 4/7

Not far from the red barn is another one which has two rooms. Look for the collectible on top of a barrel in the corner of the smaller room.

Cellphone #64 – Greater Mountain Grizzly Girls 5/7

You can find this one on a barrel at the Fireworks Stand near the X-mas Tree Lot.

Cellphone #65 – Greater Mountain Grizzly Girls 6/7

Further down the road from the fireworks stand is a military truck. Check inside to get another Cellphone.

Cellphone #66 – Greater Mountain Grizzly Girls 7/7

The last Cellphone in West Ridge can be found at the X-mas Tree Lot. Between the trees is a tent. Look on the table in the tent.

North Peak Cellphones Locations

Cellphone #67 – Obscuris Tactical Briefings 3/5

The first Cellphone in North Peak can be acquired at the Willamette Hydroelectric Station. It is on top of a crate next to a military truck.

Cellphone #68 – Deserters 1/4

This one can be found on a shelf with spare parts, in the middle of McKenzie Auto garage.

Cellphone #69 – After the Heist 4/4

In the north-west part of the town is The Peaks Motel. The Cellphone is in the first floor room, on the nighstand, and it concludes the series After the Heist.

Cellphone #70 – Deserters 2/4

The next cell phone is also at the motel, but this time in a room on the second floor, to the left of the main stairs. It’s lying on the floor near the bed.

Cellphone #71 – Blackburne’s Notes 4/7

In the vicinity of the motel is the North Peak Fire Hall. Head upstairs to find a Dead Rising 4 Cellphone in one of the open lockers between the bunks.

Cellphone #72 – Arcane Writings 4/5

Down the road you can find the Glitter Dolls Nightclub. The Cellphone sits nicely on the pool table on the second floor.

Cellphone #73 – Arcane Writings 5/5

Near the Emergency Shelter is the Gruff ‘n Tuff Motors shop. Check the cardboard boxes in the back room, where the entrance to the Zom-B Safe is.

Cellphone #74 – Blackburne’s Notes 5/7

Santa’s Workshop is a little up north. The collectible is on the sofa behind the sled.

Cellphone #75 – Deserters 3/4

This one is a bit trickier. First, go to the courtyard just before the train yard. Then climb on the roof of the warehouse marked by 75 on our map, using the crates covered in blue tarp. Now check the green mattress to find it.

Cellphone #76 – Blackburne’s Notes 6/7

In the same courtyard as above, examine the overturned trucks. One of them holds another Dead Rising 4 Cellphone collectible.

Cellphone #77 – Obscuris Researcher Logs 1/3

This one can be acquired as soon as you have access to the Willamette Army Reserve base in North Peak, either at the end of Case 4 or in Case 5. It is found in the guard booth from the eastern entrance.

Cellphone #78 – Obscuris Researcher Logs 2/3

It is mandatory to collect the next Cellphone at the end of Case 4 when you visit the military base, or you’ll have to replay the mission. After you cross the bridge inside the base, look for a control room on the left-hand side (it is overlooking the area where you cooked a zombie in Case 0 with the jet engine). You can get it from the filing cabinet in the corner.

Cellphone #79 – Obscuris Researcher Logs 3/3

While still in the base, descend on the stairs after completing the investigation. Before using the next set of stairs check the floor in front of the lockers to spot the Cell Phone.

Cellphone #80 – Obscuris Tactical Briefings 4/5

As soon as you finish the case and you exit the base, hug the wall on your right side until you find a booth next to some gates. Look inside for another collectible.

Cellphone #81 – Obscuris Tactical Briefings 5/5

Don’t leave the army base yard yet. Instead, go under the metal tower near the western entrance and collect the Cellphone to conclude this lengthy series from the Personal Mysteries.

Cellphone #82 – Deserters 4/4

The next Dead Rising 4 Cellphone is inside the Kippax cement warehouse under construction, but you can’t get in until the story directs you to that place during Case 5. Climb to the third floor until you find the Exo Suit. Before equipping it, turn around to see the collectible next to a dead body.

Cellphone #83 – Blackburne’s Notes 7/7

The last of the Cellphone collectibles can be found in the North Peak sewers. You can get the first one during either of the visits you make in the underground. Follow the tunnels until you reach a room with a locker which requires a key. The collectable is next to the green machinery – use the camera’s Night Vision if you have a hard time seeing.

Cellphone #84 – The Deep 1/3

The next ones can only be acquired at the end of Case 5. After you set off the bomb to open the locked gate follow the path to the next room. The adjoining room to the right holds the Cellphone. Also, grab the Technician Key from the same room.

Cellphone #85 – The Deep 2/3

From the previous area, go to the next large room (the one with dead soldiers hanging from the ceiling). As soon as you enter use the key to open the door on your left side. Turn on the night vision and get the Cellphone that is on the crate at the far end of the corridor.

Cellphone #86 – The Deep 3/3

This one is in the dark room filled with barrels and sleeping Evolved Zombies. It sits on a mattress in the far-right corner.

Cellphone #87 – Letters to Santa 3/3

Once you reach the final room with lots of Christmas decorations, check Santa’s chair that’s knocked over to find the last Cellphone in North Peak. In addition, this cell phone is the final one in Dead Rising 4 and assuming you followed our guide you should have unlocked all entries in the Personal Mysteries section of the Notebook.

Moreover, if you have all the Newspapers collectibles you are also awarded with the Seasoned Journalist achievement.

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